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How OPS Technology is Going to Change the Digital Signage Ecosystem


The face of digital signage is rapidly changing, and its advancements in technology are pushing progression right along. Have you heard the term Open Pluggable Specification (OPS)? OPS architecture ties the digital signage ecosystem together with standardized interoperable hardware interface to drive effective component design, development and simplified integration complexity for lower implementation, deployment and management costs. An initiative from Intel®, OPS is a new technology concept that emerged about a year ago.


The OPS architecture modularizes the development of digital signage display panels and media players, thereby minimizing the implementation time for installation and eliminating other system complexities. While this clean solution ultimately benefits the integrator and end users, so far, only a few companies have adopted OPS technology. This is likely because people are accustomed to using an external media player (or PC) to run their media content on the signage display. Until the integrators and end users become more and more familiar with the benefits of OPS and industry demand increases, we believe it will still take some time before manufacturers and display OEMs adopt this new standard. However, with a company like Intel serving as the driving force behind this technology, things look very hopeful. Intel has launched multiple scalable intelligent software applications to enhance OPS display capabilities, such as Active Management Technology (AMT), Audience Impression Metrics Suite (AIM), Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) and Near-Field Communication (NFC).


Will OPS architecture adaptation become successful? Only time will tell, but we believe in the benefits it provides. To learn more about ViewSonic’s OPS-enabled touch digital signage solutions in 42”, 46” and 65” sizes, click here. Have questions about what digital signage solutions are easiest for your business to maintain and upgrade? Ask us here on our blog.