Centralized Control for All Your Devices
ViewSonic Manager

ViewSonic Manager™ is our FREE software option included with every ViewSonic® display. It’s an easy-to-use web-based application that helps IT seamlessly monitor and maintain individual displays across an entire school from a single control panel.

ViewSonic Manager
FREE Software Features

Urgent Alert BroadcastUrgent Alert Broadcast

Urgent Alert Broadcast
With ViewSonic and third-party CAP messaging integrations, you can strengthen safety standards, increase visibility and keep your students and staff informed during critical events.

Cloud-Based AccessCloud-Based Access

Cloud-Based Access
Remotely access and manage devices from anywhere, with no software installation needed. All you need is a web browser and a myViewBoard® account.

Easy Device EnrollmentEasy Device Enrollment

Easy Device Enrollment
Enroll devices remotely with unique device PINs or serial numbers. Enroll devices on- site using QR code scanning. myViewBoard Manager also supports batch enrollment to expedite mass device setup.

Device Monitoring and ControlDevice Monitoring and Control

Device Monitoring and Control
Remotely manage and monitor connected devices and displays 24/7 from the admin portal. Monitor the status of devices such as on/off, last connected, local IP address and more. Control devices such as switching inputs, locking and unlocking firmware, and more.

App ManagementApp Management

App Management
Remotely install or remove apps on enrolled devices. Admins can silently manage apps without the need for user intervention on the device. An app library provides a curated list of compatible apps (both ViewSonic and third party apps).

ViewSonic Manager Advanced™
UPGRADED Software Features

a laptop next to a display announcing a football gamea laptop next to a display announcing a football game

Multimedia Broadcast

Remotely broadcast pictures or videos to enrolled devices in full screen or use zones to display multiple pieces of media at once. This feature can be used for dedicated digital signage displays around campus (lunch menus, school branding), or sending messages to ViewBoard® displays in classrooms (bell schedules, school announcements and news).

Task Scheduling

Streamline workflow by automating tasks ahead of time for increased efficiency in managing devices. Tasks can be planned for a specific time as a one-off event, or as a recurring event. Remotely schedule tasks such as screen on/off, power off, broadcast media and more on select devices.

someone using a stylus on a tabletsomeone using a stylus on a tablet
a holographic display above a laptop keyboarda holographic display above a laptop keyboard

User Management

A Permissions function allows you to assign role-based permissions and user access for various features and devices (device enrollment, media management, job creation, etc.). This allows you to easily maintain and control the different panel needs of various administrators and staff with a clearly defined set of permissions – the right users have the right access to the right devices.

Job Scheduling

A Jobs function streamlines your workflow by creating scheduled tasks ahead of time such as powering down or restarting displays, setting passwords for specific devices, updating firmware, broadcasting playlists and more. Scheduling power off not only saves on electricity bills, but it also helps to extend the life span of your displays and devices.

a laptop near a large display in a school hallway annoucing a tennis gamea laptop near a large display in a school hallway annoucing a tennis game
someone on a laptop connecting to three different display typessomeone on a laptop connecting to three different display types

Remote Desktop

Enables IT to provide support from a single location. With a central dashboard for remote troubleshooting, IT admins have easy access to their school’s devices that not only saves time for themselves, but reduces downtime for teachers and students.

High School Principal Broadcasts Positivity with ViewSonic Manager Advanced and ViewBoard Interactive Displays

students raising their hands in a biology classroomstudents raising their hands in a biology classroom

Features and Options

Features Manager Manager Advanced
Cloud Storage
1GB 15GB
QR Code Enrollment
WiFi SSID Push
Full Device Control & Monitoring
App Management
Remote Firmware Update
Message Broadcast
API Integration
System Backup & Restore
1 Slot 10 Slots
Multimedia Broadcast with Zones
Device Profiles
File Transfer
Job Scheduling
Remote Desktop
User Permissions Management
Activity Log and Usage Report

1-Year Single Panel Package (MVBM_ADV_1Y01)

3-Year Single Panel Package (MVBM_ADV_3Y01)

5-Year Single Panel Package (MVBM_ADV_5Y01)

7-Year Single Panel Package (MVBM_ADV_7Y01)