Professional Monitors for Educators and Students

Ideal for professors, admin staff, aspiring student artists and more, ViewSonic® ColorPro® monitors deliver extended screen real estate and incredible color accuracy for a streamlined workflow in art departments, engineering programs and other higher ed environments.

someone working on a vp monitor with shroud connected to a laptopsomeone working on a vp monitor with shroud connected to a laptop

Complete Color Coverage

Whether you’re a graphic design teacher working in sRGB for web, or a photography student working in Adobe RGB for print, rest assured that our ColorPro monitors can deliver the accuracy you need to complete your best work. ViewSonic ColorPro monitors support additional color spaces such as Rec. 709, DCI-P3, EBU, DICOM-SIM, and more so that you can pick the color space that fits your needs.

Wide Range of Resolutions

ColorPro monitors feature resolutions including Full HD, Quad HD, Ultra-Wide Quad HD, and 4K Ultra HD, making them ideal for a range of uses such as CAD/CAM classes, graphic design, architecture and more.

someone working on a vp monitor with a pen tabletsomeone working on a vp monitor with a pen tablet
someone working on a vp monitor with connected laptop.someone working on a vp monitor with connected laptop.

Loaded with Connectivity

ColorPro monitors are loaded with versatile connectivity options that deliver maximum flexibility for any classroom and allow students and teachers to easily plug in to their device of choice: whether PC or Mac, or Chromebook, tablets and laptops.

  • HDMI and DisplayPort with HDCP 2.2: delivers 4K content playback and higher bandwidth perfect for high resolution needs.
  • USB Type-C: delivers fast data, audio, video and 60W quick charging over a single cable.

Freedom of Form and Function

With unique form factors including our 16” portable OLED monitor and our 38” ultra- wide 21:9 curved desktop display, we have a variety of solutions to meet the specific needs of power users. Our portable ColorPro model is ideal for fieldwork and study, while our ultra- wide model is great for multimedia and video editing.

someone working on a vp monitor while holding a printoutsomeone working on a vp monitor while holding a printout
pantone validatedpantone validated

Certifiably Stunning Colors

Select ColorPro monitors are Pantone™ Validated and factory calibrated to deliver richer color uniformity and enhanced details, ensuring that they meet the demands of professional content creators. In addition, certifications for Fogra and G7 ensure high quality soft proofing for better print performance.

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