21st Century Classroom Collaboration
ViewBoard® Interactive Displays

ViewSonic® ViewBoard® interactive displays deliver an immersive learning experience in any classroom environment. Featuring high-accuracy touchscreens, these interactive displays deliver an intuitive digital whiteboard experience for everyone from the youngest of students to the most experienced teachers.

Every ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive display includes complimentary access to myViewBoard software to deliver an unparalleled classroom experience. With this innovative hardware and software combination, teachers can engage students like never before with dynamic lesson creation, real-time collaboration, and immersive multimedia presentations.

Award-Winning Interactive Displays

IFP50 Series

Ultra-fine touchscreen in a variety of sizes for education.

IFP52 Series

High-accuracy touchscreen with beamforming microphone and front-facing soundbar for immersive learning in any classroom.

IFP52 ED Series

Android EDLA certified Interactive displays with native access to Google ecosystem and enterprise level security.

IFP62 Series

State-of-the-art projected capacitive touchscreen for a one-of-a-kind interactive experience.


Ultra-wide 21:9 touchscreen ideal for STEM and incubator labs, and conference rooms.

a teacher talking about the solar system with the help of a viewboard displaya teacher talking about the solar system with the help of a viewboard display

Designed for Teachers

Featuring stunning 4K Ultra HD touchscreens ranging from 55” to 105”, our ViewBoard interactive displays are a great fit for teaching environments of any size. Plus, convenient shortcut buttons are located on the front of the screen so educators can quickly access their favorite ViewBoard functions without breaking their workflow.

Complete and Immersive Learning Experiences

Featuring stunning 4K Ultra HD touchscreens ranging from 55” to 105”, our ViewBoard interactive displays are a great fit in a variety of education environments. By seamlessly integrating with myViewBoard® software, ViewBoard displays create an all-encompassing, interactive learning environment that fosters inclusivity and engagement.

Amazing Audio-Visual Performance

Integrated front-facing soundbars deliver incredible audio to every corner of the classroom – perfect for multimedia lessons, increased engagement and more immersive learning experiences. In addition, stunning 4K touchscreens provide ample space for multiple students to engage and collaborate.

Teach Your Way with myViewBoard Software

The myViewBoard® software suite helps you get the most out of your ViewBoard interactive display. It allows you to give real-time quizzes to both in-class students and remote learners; it lets students write, highlight text and share content; it delivers thousands more ways to make your lessons more engaging.

Device Management

ViewSonic Manager™ is a cloud-based management solution that empowers IT administrators to remotely monitor devices, manage apps, push out broadcasts and more within the myViewBoard ecosystem. Manager lets IT administrators seamlessly monitor and maintain individual displays across large organizations from a single control panel.

Professional Development

We offer a comprehensive teacher support system of professional development and consulting services that can be custom tailored to your needs. Through our differentiated training, you’ll learn cutting-edge solutions that will help you maximize your ViewBoard® display and myViewBoard™ software for better collaboration and teamwork.

Customize Your ViewBoard

With a few simple add-ons, your ViewBoard display can do much, much more. Optimize your ViewBoard display and ace classroom collaboration with accessories ranging from webcams, mobile carts, slot-in PCs and more.