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Engage students, foster collaboration and boost learning outcomes.

Engage students, foster collaboration and boost learning outcomes.


ViewBoard® IFP50 Series Interactive Display


Featuring a high-accuracy touchscreen and intelligent palm recognition technology, these displays deliver an intuitive digital whiteboard experience for everyone from the youngest of students to the most experienced teachers.

myViewBoard® Software


myViewBoard® software comes complimentary with every ViewSonic Viewboard interactive display to deliver an unparalleled classroom experience. With this innovative software and hardware combination, teachers can engage students like never before. It allows you to give real-time quizzes to both in-class students and remote learners; it lets students write, highlight text and share content; it delivers thousands more ways to make your lessons more engaging.

Gain Insight to Student Learning and Progress


ViewSonic ClassSwift™ software helps teachers to create dynamic, real-time lessons using any format, gain instant insights into student comprehension, reduce prep time, maximize learning outcomes and so much more:

  • Gain Real-Time Insights: Instantly assess student comprehension with interactive quizzes, audio and sketch features, and more.

  • Spark Excitement: Boost engagement with gamified elements, point rewards, and dynamic timers.

  • Personalize Learning: Tailor lessons based on individual student needs with comprehensive performance reports.

  • Flexible Learning: Manage class rosters, assignments, and track student progress for ongoing and one-time sessions.


software shown on multiple screenssoftware shown on multiple screens

Campus Digital Signage


Instantaneous communication is key for school events, emergency notifications, and even menu board changes in the cafeteria. Our digital signage solutions provide a simple and efficient way of communicating with students, faculty, and staff—instantly, and across campus.

Lamp-Free Projection


Bring lessons to life in classrooms of any size with our high-brightness lamp-free projectors. Our complete lineup includes laser and LED models to suit a variety of education environments.

Professional Development


We offer a comprehensive teacher support system of professional development and consulting services that can be custom tailored to your needs. Through our differentiated training, you’ll learn cutting-edge solutions that will help you maximize your ViewBoard® display and myViewBoard™ software for better collaboration and teamwork.

ViewSonic Educator Community


The ViewSonic® Educator Community is a virtual space where teachers can make a real impact in their classrooms and careers. When joining our community, teachers can share their own creativity and ideas, leverage the expertise of others, and gain new friends. It’s collaboration and growth at its finest.

Growth through Gaming

Boost engagement, teamwork and leadership through esports.

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Why ViewSonic?

With over three decades of expertise developing award-winning visual solutions, we at ViewSonic know what it takes to be a true education partner.


ViewSonic’s award-winning education solutions are redefining the 21st-century classroom.


From open-source lesson plans to instructional webinars, we’re constantly looking for ways to enrich our educator community.


We offer a broad array of future-ready solutions, training and tools to fit your school’s changing needs.

See the Difference®

Our education solutions facilitate the creation of both basic and advanced projects, and help students explore creative ideas through collaboration and innovative technologies.

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