Professional Development

someone giving a presentation using myviewboardsomeone giving a presentation using myviewboard

Professional Development
Designed by Teachers, for Teachers

We offer a comprehensive teacher support system of professional development and consulting services that can be custom tailored to your needs. Through our differentiated training, you’ll learn cutting-edge solutions that will help you maximize your ViewBoard® display and myViewBoard® software for better collaboration and teamwork.

someone giving a presentation in a conference room in front of a viewboard displaysomeone giving a presentation in a conference room in front of a viewboard display

Personalized On-site Training

Our on-site professional development training is vital to ensuring technology adoption and improved learning outcomes. For pricing and to schedule a customized professional development plan, click the button below to email our team.

ViewSonic Teacher Certification Program

Whether you need to learn myViewBoard® basics, create interactive lessons or want to become an authorized expert, this is a great opportunity to leverage your passion for teaching and technology. This is a self-paced program for educators to learn on their own time, at their own speed.

logos for different certifications for myviewboardlogos for different certifications for myviewboard
a teacher calling on a student with their hand raiseda teacher calling on a student with their hand raised

ViewSonic myViewBoard Software

ViewSonic® myViewBoard® software is an award-winning education solution that helps teachers boost learning outcomes, engage students with interactive content and so much more. Join more than 8 million teachers and students across the world who have revolutionized learning today.

ViewSonic Educator Community

The ViewSonic® Educator Community is a virtual space where teachers can make a real impact in their classrooms and careers. When joining our community, teachers can share their own creativity and ideas, leverage the expertise of others, and gain new friends. It’s collaboration and growth at its finest.

a teacher talking with their coworkersa teacher talking with their coworkers
someone watching a youtube videosomeone watching a youtube video

ViewSonic Education YouTube Channel

Our vast library of education videos features helpful, easy-to-follow tutorials for unboxing, hardware set-up, software set-up, tips and tricks, and more. This channel is continuously updated.

Knowledge Base

A deep dive on all things myViewBoard®. Looking for more detailed information? Check out the myViewBoard Knowledge Base for quick start guides, additional resources and so much more.

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