Easy Screen Casting for Interactive Learning and Collaboration
ViewSonic® vCast™ Software

With just a single click, vCast software allows teachers and students to wirelessly stream content from Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome devices onto a ViewSonic display. Content such as multimedia documents, cloud files, and more, can all be shared and broadcast onto the ViewBoard display, while up to four devices can share content, annotate and collaborate at the same time.

Tailored for Collaborative Classrooms

Wirelessly cast from your device to a ViewBoard® interactive display without complicated setup or cable connection issues. From real-time annotation and multimedia sharing to convenient presentation control, vCast streamlines lessons and boosts engagement.

Two-Way Casting

Two-way casting makes presenting more flexible for any learning space. With a simple click, teachers can wirelessly cast from the ViewBoard to any compatible computer, tablet or smartphone in the room, while students can seamlessly transmit content back.

Control Casting Devices with a Tap

With vCast, users can cast a screen to the ViewBoard, or receive a screen from the ViewBoard. Additionally, if users are casting from a Windows or Mac device, touchback is supported from the ViewBoard. With the touch of a finger or stylus, users can scroll through documents or switch between slides for more immersive presentations.

Reach Larger Audiences

Multiple display panels can be grouped together to receive the same screen cast from a single host device. This makes content sharing easier in large classrooms or lecture halls with multiple panels displaying the same content.

Control Your Lessons

Moderator Mode ensures teachers have full control over the displayed content and allows them to preview participants’ screens before casting them to the ViewBoard. A split-screen function also enables up to four device screens to be broadcast onto the ViewBoard display at the same time. In addition, passcode authentication keeps your vCast session secure by allowing only authorized access to your ViewBoard display.

ViewBoard Cast Button

With just a push of a button, you can cast and share content from your laptop to the front-of-classroom display with ease. The ViewBoard Cast Button eliminates the need to install or download additional software, giving you more time to teach and fewer syncing worries. In addition, compatibility with various operating systems (Windows, Mac and Chrome OS) lets you present from your preferred device without hassle.


vCast Moderator

vCastSender for Mac

vCastSender for Windows