Two students drawing on a ViewBoard as a teacher looks on.  Google Workspace for Education logo.Two students drawing on a ViewBoard as a teacher looks on.  Google Workspace for Education logo.

Android EDLA-Certified Solutions

With Android™ EDLA certification, select ViewBoard® interactive displays and slot-in PCs come integrated with hundreds of your favorite Google apps and provide easy access to your Google accounts, files, and collaborative tools.

Google Workplace for Education logoGoogle Workplace for Education logo

What is EDLA?

EDLA (Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement) is a program designed by Google that delivers advanced security protection and extensive app availability for Android devices. This gives teachers the tools they need to enhance lesson plans, deliver more engaging presentations, and collaborate and share more easily.

Native Access to the Google Education Ecosystem

Integrate more useful resources and tools into your lesson plans by accessing hundreds of apps through the Google Play Store. With a single sign-on, teachers can store and share files on Google Drive, edit files in Google Docs, share spreadsheets in Google Sheets, deliver presentations on Google slides and so much more. Plus, teachers will enjoy access to the full Microsoft 365 suite (including Word, PowerPoint, Teams and more) from the Google Play Store.

ViewBoard with Google Education Ecosystem icons on the screenViewBoard with Google Education Ecosystem icons on the screen
ViewBoard in a classroom with a padlock on the screenViewBoard in a classroom with a padlock on the screen

Advanced Security

Equipped with a range of features such as password protection, two-step authentication, data encryption and more, our EDLA solutions ensure that privacy and security standards are met to keep user data safe. These features help prevent unauthorized access to your devices and data, and allow you to remotely wipe or lock your devices in case of theft or loss.

ViewBoard IFP52 ED Series Interactive Displays

Our ViewBoard IFP52 ED series of interactive displays are Android™ EDLA (Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement) certified to deliver optimal performance and seamless integration with the Google ecosystem. Teachers can easily access their Google accounts, files, and collaborative tools directly from the ViewBoard display.

Line up of IFP52-2ED ViewBoard displaysLine up of IFP52-2ED ViewBoard displays
ViewBoard on wall with a slot-in PCViewBoard on wall with a slot-in PC

EDLA Slot-in PC

If the benefits of EDLA certification sound good, but you don’t need to upgrade to a ViewBoard display or if you prefer a different form factor, we also offer EDLA-certified slot-in PCs. These PCs deliver all of the benefits explained above, and they can be easily plugged into compatible classroom displays.

Featured Products


65” EDLA-certified ViewBoard interactive display


75” EDLA-certified ViewBoard interactive display


86” EDLA-certified ViewBoard interactive display


VPC-A31-01 EDLA-certified Slot-In PC

IFP50 Series

Ultra-fine touchscreen in a variety
of sizes for education.


IFP52 Series

High-accuracy touchscreen for
immersive learning.


IFP62 Series

State-of-the-art projected capacitive