a teacher giving a lesson to a classroom of studentsa teacher giving a lesson to a classroom of students

ViewSonic ClassSwift™ Software
Gain Insight to Student Learning and Progress

ViewSonic ClassSwift™ software helps teachers to create dynamic, real-time lessons using any format, gain instant insights into student comprehension, reduce prep time and maximize learning.

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someone doing a quiz on an ipadsomeone doing a quiz on an ipad

Check Comprehension on the Fly

Instantly evaluate and assess student comprehension by using real-time interactive tools such as quizzes, true or false options, audio and sketch features, and more. These tools help teachers gauge the effectiveness of their lessons and adjust their approach as needed.

Spark Classroom Excitement

Inject excitement into every lesson using fun and interesting elements such as a point reward system, game buzzers, dynamic timers and more. Building excitement in the classrooms helps to captivate attention, improve problem-solving and critical thinking, and inspire leadership.

a group of students surround two on laptops as they all cheera group of students surround two on laptops as they all cheer
a student working on an iMaca student working on an iMac

Personalize Learning Experiences

Comprehensive real-time student performance insights helps teachers to tailor lessons and adapt teaching strategies based on individual and group learning preferences. This helps ensure that curriculum meets the needs of the students and is aligned with learning objectives.

View Class Reports

A useful central dashboard allows teachers to view individual class reports such as attendance lists, assignment distribution records, test logs and more.

adults surround a laptop pointing at the screenadults surround a laptop pointing at the screen
students crowd around two more at laptopsstudents crowd around two more at laptops

Flexible Learning Models

ClassSwift software makes it easy to organize groups for different learning needs, using pre-made student lists. It also lets you create groups on the fly for things like tutoring sessions, and quick quizzes to check understanding.