The ViewSonic® myViewBoard® Software Suite

More than just a digital whiteboard, the myViewBoard Suite delivers thousands more ways to make your lessons more engaging and the classroom more interactive. It comes complimentary with every ViewSonic Viewboard interactive display to deliver an unparalleled classroom experience.

With this innovative software and hardware combination, teachers can bring all of their digital, web and non-digital content into one easy-to-use space.

  • Quickly import existing lesson plans and files such as Google Slides, .notebook, and .flipchart, individually or in bulk, from other platforms.
  • Save files to cloud storage.
  • Share lessons with students via QR code and so much more.
a teacher taking notes on a viewboard display while video calling with his studentsa teacher taking notes on a viewboard display while video calling with his students

myViewBoard Whiteboard

ViewSonic® myViewBoard® Whiteboard is among the best digital whiteboarding solutions available today. It immediately boosts classroom engagement by enabling teachers to build interactive lessons, leverage their existing lessons, connect with both in-class and remote students, and so much more.

Device Management

ViewSonic Manager™ is a cloud-based management solution that empowers IT administrators to remotely monitor devices, manage apps, push out broadcasts and more within the myViewBoard ecosystem. Manager lets IT administrators seamlessly monitor and maintain individual displays across large organizations from a single control panel.

someone connecting a laptop to a viewboard displaysomeone connecting a laptop to a viewboard display
a teacher in front of a classroom full of studentsa teacher in front of a classroom full of students

ViewSonic myViewBoard Software Brings Streamlined Collaborative Learning to Fourth Grade Classroom

ViewSonic Originals

ViewSonic Originals™ contains a variety of ready-made content such as themed activities, games and video-assisted learning lessons that you can incorporate into your classes. Content is categorized by subject, grade level, and myViewBoard subscription tier, and comes in entire lessons, games, or discreet pieces of lesson material.

a close up of a laptop screen next to a coffee muga close up of a laptop screen next to a coffee mug
a woman taking notes from a laptop screena woman taking notes from a laptop screen

ViewSonic Insights

ViewSonic Insights™ is an online dashboard that provides advanced metrics of your school’s activity within the myViewBoard Suite. Analyze sign-in data and app usage with different views to get a better understanding of how myViewBoard is enhancing your school and its learning outcomes.

Professional Development

Beyond our complete line of edtech solutions, we also offer the know-how and expertise to help your teachers be comfortable and efficient with their new tools. No matter where you are located, our dedicated team of professional trainers can meet you on-site, discuss your unique challenges, and create custom PD based on your needs.

a teacher giving a presentation to their coworkers through the use of a viewboarda teacher giving a presentation to their coworkers through the use of a viewboard
a group of teachers communinga group of teachers communing

ViewSonic Educator Community

The ViewSonic® Educator Community is a virtual space where teachers can make a real impact in their classrooms and careers. When joining our community, teachers can share their own creativity and ideas, leverage the expertise of others, and gain new friends. It’s collaboration and growth at its finest.

logo for companionlogo for companion

lnteract with your ViewBoard display directly from your mobile devices. Login, control presentations, share content and more from laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

logo for classroomlogo for classroom

An online teaching tool packed with a variety of features to help you create and manage a classroom environment in the digital space. It connects you to your students wherever they may be.

logo for displaylogo for display

myViewBoard Display is a free screen-sharing app that allows you to easily, and wirelessly, share content from any device directly to the display at the front of your class.

logo for livelogo for live

Make the most of popular platforms like YouTube, Twitch and Facebook for greater impact on students wherever they are.

logo for recordlogo for record

Save lessons for reflection and review exactly as they happened.