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Is a Short Throw Projector Right for You?








Short throw projectors are designed with tight spaces in mind whether at home, work or school. 


A short throw projector produces clear images within limited space due to the physical shape of the projector lens, which alters the magnitude of the image projected. In a short throw projector, a convex lens is used to spread an image wider than a regular throw lens. As a result, a short throw lens can have 0.5:1 throw ratio, capable of projecting a 60-inch diagonal image from just 2 feet away, while a standard throw lens has a 1.6:1 throw ratio, capable of projecting the same image size from 6.5 feet away. Check out our interactive distance calculator here to determine if a short throw is the best fit for your space.


Why else should you consider a short throw projector? Many short throw projectors offer minimum ambience and heat exhaustion for maximum audience engagement in the constricted room. There are no hotspots when projecting onto a whiteboard due to the close distance proximity – the mount position of the projector is either raised above or dropped below the white board to project the image at a very steep angle, which eliminates glare that could bounce back from the whiteboard.


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