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ViewSonic Expands Cost-Effective MultiClient Virtual Cloud Solution with New Hardware And Software Bundles

Thin client computing offers significant benefits over traditional PC deployments. In fact, IDC found that thin client users (when compared to full PC users) experience a decline in hardware and software costs of 40 percent and a reduction in IT operations costs by 29 percent. In addition, IDC concluded that a thin client computing setup increases IT worker productivity by 56 percent due to a reduction of troubleshooting and repair needs, when compared to traditional PCs.


For organizations wishing to save acquisition and operating costs, enhance security and manageability, and promote green IT and sustainability, ViewSonic’s MultiClient solution puts thin client computing in reach for cost-conscious districts and SMBs.


Following its unveiling at ISTE 2011, ViewSonic is announcing new product bundles and software support today for the company’s MultiClient computing offering. This cost-effective, scalable solution lets educators and businesses easily create and manage their own private cloud computing environment. Enabling up to 20 independent user stations (with monitors, mice and keyboards) to be powered by just one host server, MultiClient significantly lowers the cost per seat, reduces energy costs and virtually eliminates compatibility issues and IT management needs.


Now two additional energy-efficient zero client VMA Series adapters are available, each with four USB ports, so users can connect their preference of peripherals. We enable users to select their preference of software licensing between Userful MultiSeat Linux 2011™ and Microsoft® MultiPoint® WMS2011 for true customization.


To get started with a MultiClient setup, educators and businesses just need to connect the MultiClient Adapter box to a monitor with keyboard and mouse, and then plug into the host server. For more MutliClient information, click here.


Are you a thin client believer? What sort of benefits have you seen? We’d love to take your questions about thin client deployments within your organization. Share your experiences with us here!

ViewSonic MultiClient Solution Benefits