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The top 5 reasons you should lose your LCD monitor for LED

Go Green

Chances are, you are likely using an LCD monitor setup for your home and business computing needs. You’ve recognized the benefits of replacing your antiquated CRT device to get up to speed with your desktop technology. But you might have only just started the battle.


Great benefits can be achieved by upgrading your current LCD setup for an LED monitor instead. If you’re not convinced, check out this list of the top five benefits an enterprise can expect from taking its monitor technology to the next level with LED:


1. Improved performance: Is your current monitor giving you eye strain? Are you getting headaches by the end of the day? With LED monitors, users experience even better flicker reduction over LCD for a practically flicker-free image. That means less computer eyestrain and vision fatigue.


2. Reduced power consumption: Even further reduction of power consumption over LCD, up to 60% in some cases, results in significant energy cost savings. In addition, up to 90% of the energy consumed by the average monitor is released as heat. That means powering an LED monitor will result in a long-term electric bill savings as well.


3. Improved image quality: Through LED backlight technology, monitor manufacturers are able to deliver noticeable color improvements over LCD, as well as impressive contrast ratios to achieve a brilliant picture quality. This means darker blacks and brighter whites for a wider color gamut and better color accuracy.


4. Greater environmental benefits: Even more environmental benefits from reduced emissions and hazardous materials include the elimination of mercury. A mercury-free monitor means a greener, healthier planet, and that’s great for everyone.


5. Cost savings: Still not convinced that LED is the way to go for your business? Give our TCO calculator a try. By filling in the number of monitors used in your workplace, the hours each device is in operation per day and the number of days per week, you’ll determine the money your company will save by making the switch.[1]


Are you planning to purchase a new LED monitor? What benefit are you looking forward to enjoying most from your new display?


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[1] TCO calculation based on U.S. regional electricity rates average for January 2011 of 9.62 cents per kilowatt hour. Power savings may vary based on actual usage and other factors.