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Mariscal Caceres de Ayacucho School Transforms its Classrooms with ViewSonic Collaborative Solutions

Case Study

Mariscal Caceres de Ayacucho School Transforms its Classrooms with ViewSonic Collaborative Solutions


The Mariscal Caceres de Ayacucho School was founded on August 31, 1848, under the name “San Ramon School”. In April 1938, the school changed its name to “Mariscal Caceres School” in honor of Andres Avelino Caceres, a Peruvian military and political leader who served as the constitutional President of Peru during two different terms.

The Mariscal Caceres School provides education services to more than 5,000 students at the primary, secondary, and alternative basic education levels, while also serving as a Productive Technical Education Center. It currently has more than 260 faculty and administrative staff members who are fully committed to pursuing educational excellence.

Tecnologia y Creatividad SAC, a company that has been in business for over 13 years, is a ViewSonic Certified Reseller. It provides technology solutions based on a three-layer model: hardware and software, educational content, and applications. Acting as a project leader, T&C was in charge of deploying equipment in 118 classrooms and took on the enormous challenge of completing one of the largest training programs in the region—on the ViewSonic® myViewBoard™ platform.



  • To modernize and transform classrooms for both students and teachers
  • To provide video collaboration and technology tools that support hybrid learning
  • To equip classrooms with 4K Ultra HD multimedia content capabilities,including stereo sound
  • To provide training for the 200+ faculty members


  • Installation of 118 ViewBoard® IFP7550 4K Interactive Displays, 118 VB- STND-001 Mobile Trolley Carts, and 118 LB-WIFI-001 WiFi Adapters in the classrooms
  • Deployment of the myViewBoard Premium digital whiteboard software
  • Training teachers and assistants on the use of
    the myViewBoard platform


  • Students will be able to take classes in hybrid learning settings, with remote, semi in-person or fully in-person sessions
  • Teachers can now use the myViewBoard platform for teaching teaching, content creation and developing interactive classes
  • Development of social skills based on high quality education parameters
  • Training: all of the school’s 209 teachers and assistants can now use the ViewBoard software

As students gradually return to the traditional classroom setting, this upgraded equipment will be key to encouraging their engagement in both the education process and the development of social skills.

— Felix Valer Torres, Mariscal Caceres de Ayacucho School Principal


Located in the Huamanga Ayacucho District, the Mariscal Caceres School was looking for modern and interactive collaboration and presentation solutions to transform their traditional classrooms into powerful hybrid classrooms. The school also wanted to boost its faculty’s abilities to present content via interactive displays. With that in mind, they contacted the regional government of Ayacucho and requested their support for this sizable investment.

The school has 118 classrooms and was looking to equip them all with interactive displays, including hardware and software, while also developing an advanced training program for their faculty of over 200 members.


Along with 18 ViewBoard® interactive displays purchased in 2020, a total of 118 ViewBoard IFP7550 interactive displays were installed. Students were able to enjoy more modern classrooms equipped with video collaboration tools that support hybrid learning. The new platform allowed teachers to teach using interactive content through remote, hybrid or fully in-person sessions.

The ViewBoard displays delivered a major upgrade with 4K Ultra HD, or 3840 x 2160-pixel, resolution, which is 10-times as high as the resolution of the XGA projectors that were traditionally used in class (1024 x 768). These displays provided an enhanced surround sound experience in the classroom thanks to their integrated speakers and sub-woofer configuration.

The myViewBoard™ digital whiteboard software allows for the creation of multimedia content through interactivity, artificial intelligence, cloud-based integration and a built-in browser for downloading videos, images and/or text, which enables collaboration and also promotes student acceptance and engagement.

The casting feature can be used to wirelessly stream and present multimedia content from any device (notebook, tablet or smartphone) to the main display through the school’s WiFi or LAN networks. This makes it easy for students to share and present content on the displays from their desks or even from home, thus transforming classrooms into true hybrid platforms.


Tecnologia y Creatividad, an integrator of ViewSonic® visual solutions, trained a total of 209 teachers and assistants in the use of the myViewBoard software. Training focused on topics such as toolbars, templates, the Magic Box, browser and content search, insertion of videos and images, Artificial Intelligence (AI), myViewBoard Clips, original content and more. The goal was for teachers to use myViewBoard as their main platform for content and lesson creation in hybrid learning settings.

The school’s principal, Felix Valer Torres, said that as students gradually return to the traditional classroom setting, this upgraded equipment will be key to encouraging their engagement in both the education process and the development of social skills. “This undoubtedly helps the process of completing a robust academic, moral and emotional training so that students can achieve personal and professional success in today’s rapidly changing society, in which technology plays a critical role,” he said.

Alex Carlos, ViewSonic Territory Manager for Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, expressed his enthusiasm for boosting digital interaction in Peruvian classrooms.

“It is very important for us to have cities that prioritize their investments in education, as is the case of Ayacucho, a modern region that now also recognizes the value of technology in its education proposal,” said Carlos. “We are confident that with our ViewBoard and myViewBoard platform, teacher training programs, and the natural ease with which today’s young people embrace new technologies, will all help to create genuine 21st century learning environments.”

Torres, who managed and led this project, claimed that “This educational institution has become the most technologically equipped school nationwide with the deployment of ViewSonic IFP7550 displays and ViewSonic myViewBoard digital whiteboard software.”