Digital Signage Software
Design and Content
Design & Daypart
Create, update, schedule and manage with creativity and ease. Design messages and get them to the right audience at the right time with remote LAN support – for updates and scheduling from afar with any Windows PC or laptop.
Classroom Collaboration
Our software solutions allow students to simply walk into a classroom and wirelessly connect and share content from their tablets, laptops, or smartphones. Students can also annotate, highlight, and edit their work on huge, front-of-classroom interactive displays. With our proprietary interactive software, it’s all possible.
Video Wall
Magnificent MultiView.
Making your high impact video wall dreams come true – no advanced design experience needed. Drag-and-drop popular media formats to easily compose, schedule and deliver pro-look video walls, all from a single source – for lower costs and easier maintenance.
Meeting Room
Reserve It!
Digital door signage makes an impressive first impression on meeting-goers. Schedule quickly and easily from MS Outlook and other popular calendar apps to ensure yours always showcase up-to-date agendas.