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Oktopus Blend is the ultimate eLearning solution that allows users to seamlessly blend classroom and online learning. Users can organize, present or assign assessments, collaborate with students, and record learning at every step of the way. Lessons and assessments are instantly graded and all results are stored in the cloud. For more information, please visit http://qwizdomoktopus.com/oktopus-blend.

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K-10 Math, Reading, and Science courses are designed by teams of master teachers. Each grade-level package includes a pretest (to assess understanding and help create targeted instruction), as well as short, focused lessons with assessments, and a posttest (to record and document comprehension).


At Home Access

Schedule pre-made lessons and assessments for self-paced learning at home. Record OKTOPUS lessons for at home viewing. Assign content to individuals or groups. Instantly score assignments and tests.


Results Stored in the Cloud

Robust reporting lets you compare results across multiple sessions. Results are stored in the cloud, allowing teachers and administrators to easily track student performance daily, weekly, and yearly. Reports are available in multiple formats, making it easy to identify areas of focus.

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