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Professional Development

ViewSonic Professional Development


Whether you’re looking to onboard new teachers, upskill your existing staff­ or create interactive learning experiences, ViewSonic® Professional Development empowers teachers to be more e­ffective with technology in the classroom.


From lesson creation to enhancing student engagement, our certified Professional Development staff members will show you how to take your skills to the next level through on-site or virtual sessions.


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ViewSonic Teacher Certification Program

The new and improved ViewSonic Teacher Certification Program is here. Whether you need to learn myViewBoard® Whiteboard basics, create interactive lessons or want to become an authorized expert, this is a great opportunity to leverage your passion for teaching and technology.


Sign up for our Teacher Certification program where you can earn badges and credits for continuing education.



  • Discover the essential features of myViewBoard Whiteboard.

  • Develop your expertise with hands-on assignments and resources.

  • Receive a professional “Graduate” level certificate from ViewSonic.


  • Learn how to help students develop technology skills in a modern classroom environment.

  • Gain an understanding of how to leverage technology for interactive, engaging lessons that boost learning outcomes.

  • Reinforce your expertise with hands-on training assignments and resources.

  • Receive a professional “Educator” level certificate from ViewSonic.


  • Gain valuable coaching skills and develop a mastery of how to educate others about ViewSonic education solutions.

  • Discover everything you need to know about preparing, structuring and delivering successful training sessions.

  • Learn how to effectively evaluate performance and understanding.

  • Become an officially certified myViewBoard Expert.


  • Gain an in-depth understanding on how to manage and maintain ViewSonic education solutions at an administrator level.

  • Learn how to streamline device management with myViewBoard ManagerTM and myViewBoard Manager Advanced.

  • Receive a professional “IT Certified” certificate from ViewSonic.

ViewSonic Trainers


ViewSonic Professional Development Trainers provide educators with hands-on, interactive training as well as the tools, skills and resources to immediately make the most of their ViewSonic education solutions.


ViewSonic myViewBoard Software

ViewSonic® myViewBoard® software is an award-winning education solution that helps teachers boost learning outcomes, engage students with interactive content and so much more. Join more than 8 million teachers and students across the world who have revolutionized learning today.

Self-Paced Videos

Ready to master myViewBoard® software?

Watch these easy-to-follow, self-paced video tutorials. From basic account setup to file management, these videos will have you up and running with your ViewBoard® display in no time.

self-paced videosself-paced videos
Online Knowledge BaseOnline Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

A deep dive on all things myViewBoard®.

Looking for more detailed information? Check out the myViewBoard Knowledge Base for quick start guides, additional resources and so much more.