Spectacular Images
Color performance
Vibrant, stay-true colors are a must for successful pro-AV installations. We engineer our projectors to deliver with an advanced 6-segment color wheel and DLP technology for reliable picture quality and superior color performance – even after thousands of hours of use.
Pixel Power
Stunning resolution
Maximize the impact of your projected content with the crystal-clear images and sharp, dense detail of Full HD 1080p resolution – also your best bet for wide compatibility with today’s source content, no scaling required.
Shine Through
High brightness
Be brilliant in large spaces. Shine clearly through loads of ambient light. The high-brightness lumen output of our pro-projectors is up to the task, keeping images crisp, clear and lovely from greater distances and without decay in quality.
Advanced Features
Own the Pro AV space
You want it? We’ve got it – the advanced features pro AV installations need. Network management, wide optical zoom and flexible lens options, to name just a few. Plus auto source detection, motorized lens shift, 360-degree installation support – and many more.