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Device Management Made Easy

As an IT admin, you know how tough it is to manage the hundreds of devices and displays that live on your school network. Now with ViewSonic myViewBoard™ Manager, an easy-to-use web-based application, you can securely set up, manage and maintain all of your school’s devices from a centralized dashboard.

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myViewBoard Manager

FREE Device Management Software with Robust Features

Cloud-Based Access

Remotely access and manage devices from anywhere, with no software installation needed. All you need is a web browser and a myViewBoard account.

Easy Device Enrollment

Enroll devices remotely with unique device PINs or serial numbers. Enroll devices on-site using QR code scanning. myViewBoard Manager also supports batch enrollment to expedite mass device setup.

Device Monitoring

Monitor the status of devices such as On/Off, Last Connected, Local IP Address and more, directly from the administration (admin) portal. Admins can also retrieve information such as serial numbers, asset tags, Wi-Fi SSID, etc. in real time.

Device Control

Remotely control devices from the admin portal, including turning the screen on and off, switching inputs, locking and unlocking firmware, and more.



Instantly send standard or urgent messages to select devices from the admin console. A siren can also be enabled to provide visual and audible warnings for urgent messages. This feature is compatible with open API for third-party integration.

App Management

Remotely install or remove apps on enrolled devices. Admins can silently manage apps without the need for user intervention on the device. An app library provides a curated list of compatible apps (both ViewSonic and third party apps).

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myViewBoard Manager Advanced

Upgraded Software with Enhanced Management and Automation Features
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Urgent Alert Broadcast

With ViewSonic and third-party CAP messaging integrations, you can strengthen safety standards, increase visibility and keep your students and staff informed during critical events.

Multimedia Broadcast

Remotely broadcast pictures or videos to enrolled devices in full screen or use zones to display multiple pieces of media at once.

Task Scheduling

Streamline workflow by automating tasks ahead of time for increased efficiency in managing devices. Tasks can be planned for a specific time as a one-off event, or as a recurring event. Remotely schedule tasks such as screen on/off, power off, broadcast media and more on select devices.

User Management

Maintain system security within myViewBoard Manager by managing user access to various features and devices. This allows you to easily maintain and control the different panel needs of various administrators and staff while keeping the system running smoothly.

System Backup and Restore

Create “restore points” to restore system files to an earlier point in time. Restore points can be automatically created based on a preset schedule. Retain peace of mind knowing that files and preferences are saved even in the event of unforeseen system errors or crashes.

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myViewBoard Knowledge Base

Make the most of the myViewBoard software ecosystem by exploring our knowledge base and finding the information you need.


Features and Options

Features Manager Manager Advanced
Cloud Storage
1GB 15GB
QR Code Enrollment
WiFi SSID Push
Full Device Control & Monitoring
App Management
Remote Firmware Update
Message Broadcast
API Integration
System Backup & Restore
1 Slot 10 Slots
Multimedia Broadcast with Zones
Device Profiles
File Transfer
Job Scheduling
Remote Desktop
User Permissions Management
Activity Log and Usage Report

1-Year Single Panel Package (MVBM_ADV_1Y01)

3-Year Single Panel Package (MVBM_ADV_3Y01)

5-Year Single Panel Package (MVBM_ADV_5Y01)

7-Year Single Panel Package (MVBM_ADV_7Y01)

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