Boost comfort & productivity.
Tilt, pivot and swivel for greater comfort and productivity with advanced ergonomic adjustability. With customizable control over height, screen angle and more, users gain an ideal fit for their unique applications, environment and personal needs.
Quality counts.
Cream-of-the-crop LCD panels free from pixel flaws improve the view and extend monitor life – whether your business calls for premium ultra-wide viewing and advanced color performance, or cost-conscious TN panels ideal for multipurpose general use.
Future-proof flexibility.
Connectivity options galore grant legacy support with a view to the future. Connect current and older peripherals via HDMI and VGA, while versatile DVI covers a multitude of business PCs, laptops, projectors and other handy multimedia devices.
Features, function, fit.
Finding the right monitors isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. That’s why our product lineup offers models with the features and functionality to cover the gamut of needs – from small office to large, entrepreneur to enterprise, and education to healthcare.