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Certain ViewSonic displays may require their firmware to be updated prior to using with the latest VB-WIFI-001 (WIFI 6, Dual Band Wireless Module).

If you have any of the display series or models listed below, please select your model and follow this instructions to download the firmware and update your display.

Step 1: Find the Serial Number (The Serial Number is a 12-digit code located on either side of the panel.)
Step 2: Identify the model and 4 numbers marked in the image below:

W A D [2 1 2 9] 1 3 0 A 2

Step 3: Find the product and click on the link for detailed instructions to update firmware.

Example Needing Update
Product: ViewBoard IFP50 Series 55" (Gen 3)
Serial Number: W1Y213812001
The 4 digits are 2138, which requires an update (2138 is less than 2140)

Example NOT Needing Update
Product: ViewBoard IFP52-1A Series 65"
Serial Number: W9S221500001
The 4 digits are 2215, which does NOT require an update (2215 is more than 2213)

ViewBoard IFP50 (Gen 3) Series

  • 55" (IFP5550-3): less than 2140
  • 65" (IFP6550-3): less than 2140
  • 75" (IFP7550-3): less than 2142
  • 86" (IFP8650-3): less than 2139
Download Firmware Update

ViewBoard IFP52 Series
Note: IFP52-1C Series models do NOT require a firmware update.

  • 65" (IFP6552-1A): less than 2213
  • 75" (IFP7552-1A): less than 2150
  • 86" (IFP8652-1A): less than 2152
Download Firmware Update