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ViewSonic supports the paragon of EdTech classrooms at Primary School no. 118 in Poland

About Primary School no. 118

Located in Wroclaw, Poland, Primary School no. 118 is at the forefront of implementing technological advancements in education. Committed to engaging in a meaningful way with students, the school is continuously seeking ways to meet the young generation where they are by combining the latest technologies with didactical expertise.


The Primary School no. 118 aimed to transform each classroom into an inspiring, inclusive, and horizon-broadening space open for dialogue that utilizes all the digital tools available on the market. The school staff acknowledged they needed to adapt their teaching techniques as well as ways of communicating to recognize and reflect the virtual immersion of 21st-century students. ​

The institution wanted to utilize Large Interactive Displays to prepare students for the tech-driven future and show them how to use the latest technologies to their advantage. At the same time, it sought to create an engaging environment where lessons came to life and abstract concepts gained form and depth so that the students didn’t feel tempted to look at their phones instead. ​

Viewsonic provides EdTech solutions for Poland

The Covid-19 outbreak became another reason to quickly adopt a long-lasting hybrid solution that would enable students, teachers, and administrators to carry out their regular schedules and tasks without being disturbed or feeling excluded.  ​

Why ViewSonic

The School has been trying different products for years and was looking for solutions of higher quality and longer endurance. Having tested the competition’s products, they decided to reach out to ViewSonic to be their new technology partner and EdTech advisor for the years to come.


ViewSonic has equipped The Primary School no. 118 with comprehensive hardware and software solutions empowering the institution to continue to be the EdTech trendsetter in Southwest Poland.

1. Connected Classes, Inspired students

The ViewBoard Interactive Displays have transformed classrooms into more accessible spaces where all class contents are distinctly visible to all students no matter where they sit. Using the familiar touch technology in the learning environment, students can relate better to the topics presented on-screen and show higher enthusiasm toward each class.

2. Effortless Hybrid Learning Integration

The myViewBoard software suite with the Whiteboard feature offers an infinite canvas for interactive and uninterrupted lessons. All class contents can be easily shared with students while making those learning remotely feel as if they were in the same classroom. Teachers can also securely save and store all materials in the cloud, giving absent participants a convenient opportunity to catch up and remain up to date. The students simply scan a QR code to gain access to homework and class contents. 


The teachers – having prior exposure to different digital tools – have quickly embraced Viewsonic solutions and started using ViewBoards with myViewBoard software from day one. The intuitive and user-friendly interface of the ViewBoard made it easy for both staff and students to smoothly transition from analog whiteboards to the digital infinite canvas. Administrative staff and the school body were thrilled to go paper-free during meetings, using the ViewBoard to display all important information and conference content.


The students actively participated in the implementation of ViewSonic products and their attention levels have spiked ever since. They became more willing to speak up as well as take part in various activities, discussions, and knowledge checks. Since the lesson contents were more visible for all, everyone felt included, could easily follow the flow of the class, and acquire new material. 

ViewBoard Interactive Displays have become a medium for more meaningful connections as the students demonstrated newfound initiative for collaboration with teachers and peers.


Thanks to myViewBoard’s tools and features, hybrid learning has been quickly adopted by teachers, administrative staff, and students alike. Teachers praised ViewSonic solutions as a remarkable time and energy saver, allowing them to create elaborate and original lesson plans within minutes.

Overall, Primary School no. 118 has strengthened its image as a regional EdTech leader making it one of the most attractive and highly competitive public schools to enroll in. 


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