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ViewSonic’s 163” All-in-One LED Display Helps Jhangshu High School to Create an Innovative Education Center


Jhangshu International Creative Technical High School was established in 1998. The school abandoned the conventional educational system and embraced the “T-shaped talent” as its educational philosophy, offering courses in various fields such as international education, creative practice, or aesthetics. It aims to create a global-class, visionary educational environment.


Jhangshu International Creative Technical High School looks to establish itself as a leading innovative international campus. As part of the efforts to achieve this goal, it sought a premium large format display solution to create an immersive learning environment that would be used during its “International Leaders Elite Class”, as well as during various school events.

The institution first considered using an LCD video wall. However, the grid pattern formed by the screens’ bezels would result in a substandard viewing experience. Moreover, LCD panels require consistent calibration throughout their lifespan, to balance color and brightness, performance variations, and degradation, which results in high maintenance costs.

Traditional LED displays, the other conventional option on the market, posed their own set of issues. They offered more customization options but were still difficult to install and proved to be complicated when integrating them with external sound and control systems. Additionally, the school staff found them unintuitive to use, and the lack of wireless content-sharing possibilities made the transition between classes unnecessarily long and painful for both teachers and students.

All-in-One LED Display in use


Upon further research and consideration, Jhangshu International High School ultimately chose ViewSonic’s 163” All-in-One Direct View LED Display (LD163-181) for their International Education Wall. The grid-less and virtually frameless design of such a large LED display provides a fully immersive audio-visual experience topped with high-end built-in speakers and 120% Rec.709 wide color gamut.

Offering a 163” large screen size with adjustable high brightness of 600 nits, 1080p Full HD resolution, and a 4,400 Hz refresh rate, the LED display delivers spectacular images in all spaces and under all lighting conditions, even in the bright atrium of the Jhangshu International Creative Technical High School.

The all-in-one design of the LD163-181 integrates display, image stitching, power supply, and control systems for easy installation, operation, and maintenance. With a built-in OS and Wi-Fi connectivity, the device can be used with ease by all staff members, making wireless screen casting or multimedia content sharing fast and intuitive.


ViewSonic’s LD163-181 was the ultimate solution to bring the International Education Wall to life. School staff, educators, and students quickly embraced this technological advancement thanks to its intuitive user interface and operation. Its wireless content-sharing capabilities improved lesson flow and also facilitated transitions between classes.

Besides its use as a premium display during “International Leader Elite Class” lessons, the All-in-One LED Display acts as a platform to share both school and global news, keeping students and teachers up to date on all critical local and worldwide information.


As the centerpiece of school events, the International Education Wall provides maximum visibility to all attendees regardless of the bright environment. This further broadens students’ horizons and marks the international education center as a paragon for various educational institutions in Taiwan.


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