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    The noobs, the dabblers and the retro-gamers. And of course, the pro gamers and the celebrity creators. In this big, wide world of gaming, it’s not just about winning. It’s about playing.

    So no matter how or why you game, We’re all United by Play.

    Trusted by the gaming community

    LANFest is excited to partner with Viewsonic to build healthy communities through gaming! Working together, LANFest and Viewsonic create safe, inclusive spaces for everyone to have fun and accomplish good in local communities.

    ViewSonic Gaming has given Soniqs the resources needed to create championship teams. With ViewSonic Gaming, our player’s best interests are always a priority -- something we’re extremely thankful for.

    As a content creator who is looking for quality, practicality and a beautifully designed monitor to go with my setup, ELITE has been able to provide all of the above and so much more. My pictures now look sharper than ever.

    Most world records get broken within less than a second. Highly responsive and reliable, ViewSonic ELITE has what we need for record-breaking results.

    The new ELITE monitors look clean and are easy to setup and use, we love them for events and I even have one at home.

      Gaming Partners

      We’ve partnered with the best of the best.

      • ESA
      • LANFest
      • Thermaltake
      • coolermaster
      • Razer Chroma

      Beyond the Game Series

      Let’s not forget those who go beyond the game... The people who have literally turned gaming into art. The inventors who mod their own devices. And the performers who create their own worlds.

      Well played, see you around

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