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What You Need for the Esports Club Setup

Getting the right esports club setup can be crucial to the long-term success of your team. Having the right hardware and equipment can be a major determining factor in whether or not an esports club is competitive with other schools. However, as esports is still a relatively new phenomenon in academic settings, many educators are unsure about what is needed and where to begin.

Keep reading for a deep dive on hardware and devices required for esports success.

While success in esports competition is largely down to individual skill, teamwork, and strategy, it is also essential to have the right esports club setup. After all, an esports team using poor quality devices or accessories may experience fundamental performance issues that put gamers at a disadvantage.

In this sense, esports is not very much different from many more traditional sporting activities. Schools generally acknowledge the need to invest in high-quality sporting equipment and facilities and this same approach should also be taken to facilitate success within esports competitions too.

Here, we take a closer look at the equipment needed to set up an esports club in your school. If you’re interested to explore ViewSonic ELITE’s gaming equipment, hop on to this link to find out more.

Esports Club Setup

Gaming PCs for an Esports Club Setup

The first step to the best possible esports club setup is to invest in high-quality gaming computers. The computers you opt for need to be powerful enough to run the most up-to-date games without experiencing performance issues. This will usually require a good graphics card from either Nvidia or AMD, with the precise option depending on your budget.

For most purposes, it is best to opt for a PC with the Windows operating system. Not only will this offer excellent compatibility with games, but it is also the most popular operating system in the world and the one that students are most likely to be familiar with. You will also need to decide between desktop and laptop computers. Desktops are generally better for gaming purposes, but there are portability benefits to consider with laptops too.

Another major factor to consider when choosing an esports PC is the available RAM. For competitive gaming, 16GB is the recommended starting point and 32GB may be a better option for providing a level of futureproofing. RAM can be upgraded easily enough at a later stage, if necessary.

Finding the Right Esports Monitor

Good gaming monitors are an area where it is relatively common for an esports club setup to fall short. Yet, if you are going to invest the necessary money in a quality gaming computer, you are going to want a similarly powerful display.

A good gaming monitor will have a high refresh rate and a fast response time. While a standard 60Hz monitor will be sufficient for less demanding games, it is better to invest in a monitor with at least a 120Hz refresh rate and sync technology, as this will be able to display more demanding games without any lag, stutter, or tear.

You should consider the monitor’s resolution too. Screens with at least a full high-definition (FHD) 1080p resolution are the standard for esports. They offer brilliant image quality without affecting the smoothness of the gameplay. Color is also an essential feature to look out for. Your monitor should also have at least 99% sRGB color gamut for a more immersive viewing experience. Some gaming monitors offer ergonomic features to alleviate posture-related strains and adapt to each player’s preferred playing style.

The ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD Gaming Monitor is a good example here, as it offers a 144Hz refresh rate, ultra-fast 1ms (MPRT) response time, a resolution of 1440p and has been specifically designed with gaming in mind.

Esports Club Setup

Large-Format Interactive Displays for Strategy Talk

In all team sports and activities, discussing strategy and tactics is key to winning tournaments and competitions. Likewise, esports benefit from having the tools to present and analyze game plans, competitor gameplays, and future battle approaches. Devices such as large interactive displays or wireless presentation displays help expand and enhance strategy talk.

An interactive display acts as a digital whiteboard with elevated collaboration and productivity tools. Some large-format screens deliver intuitive touch capabilities, allowing gamers to maneuver maps around, take note of game statistics, and even scribble gameplay strategies at the tips of their fingers. The materials on the interactive display can be shared via wireless casting technology, so all students can view the same strategies and offer suggestions in real-time from the comfort of their own homes. In that sense, club activities can continue even in a hybrid or remote setting.

For schools working on a leaner budget but would still like the collaborative elements of a large screen, a wireless presentation display would be an ideal device in their esports clubroom. While they lack the interactivity of a touchscreen, these displays offer seamless connectivity, easy WiFi casting, and content mirroring across multiple devices. This allows for the coach to share time schedules, training agendas, and gaming tutorials instantly with a click.

Headsets, Controllers, and Gaming Accessories

Next, you need to think about the various gaming accessories that are going to be used by the club. To some extent, your esports club setup may depend on the types of games the participants are interested in playing. However, as a starting point, you are going to need a good keyboard, mouse, and a gaming controller or joystick.

A mechanical keyboard will offer superior performance in terms of registering tactile button presses, while some dedicated gaming keyboards will include extra keys, which can then be easily assigned to in-game functions. Game controllers are widely available and most popular console controllers are fully compatible with PCs and PC games too.

There are a lot of different considerations when choosing an esports mouse and our guide offers some useful insights. Many esports games also require communication between players and this makes it worthwhile to invest in quality gaming headsets, where sound and microphone clarity are a top priority.

Desks, Chairs, and the Importance of Ergonomics

The other major aspects to consider for any esports club in an academic setting include desks, chairs, and lighting. With these different elements, the importance of ergonomics comes into play, as you need to make sure club members are comfortable and using equipment that does not cause any negative long-term health issues.

Ensuring gamers sit at the right viewing distance is a crucial consideration, while you need to invest in chairs that offer an appropriate level of back and neck support. When sitting at their gaming station, players should have their wrists flat and their elbows at a ninety-degree angle to minimize any risk of strains.

The room being used needs to be appropriately lit, but the lighting needs to be arranged in such a way as to prevent glare on screens. These elements can help to contribute to overall comfort, which can help to enhance performance.

Esports Club Setup

Final Thoughts

Having the right esports club setup in place is an important part of establishing esports within schools and other educational settings, in much the same way that providing good equipment and facilities is considered essential for more traditional sports like football, basketball, tennis, hockey, and soccer.

To do this, you need to consider obvious hardware, such as gaming computers, monitors, and digital displays, but also some less obvious elements too, such as lighting, chairs, desks, and accessories. Without the right equipment, students may find themselves at a competitive disadvantage and this can then hinder both enjoyment and engagement with the club.

After decking out your esports club with the gaming equipment required, you might want to set out a curriculum to ensure success. If you are still unsure which equipment to invest in, check out ViewSonic ELITE’s range of professional gaming monitors.