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Why USB-C Monitors Are Perfect for Remote Workers

For remote workers and hybrid employees who are unsure about what kind of monitor to buy, a USB-C monitor may be the ideal solution. USB-C monitor will provide high-resolution video, excellent compatibility, and so many other advantages that exceed monitors utilizing different port types.  Keep reading to learn more about USB-C technology and its various […]

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Color Management: A Checklist for Digital Artists

Here's everything you need to know about color management to ensure your artwork's color consistency every time, everywhere.

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Home Office Setup Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Productive Workspace at Home

Creating an effective long-term home office requires thought, planning, and money. But it can be well worth the investment.

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Color Management and Color Blindness: How Can Monitor Technologies Help? 

Discover how new monitor technology can help with color management and color blindness following universal design principles.

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What is Digital Accessibility? (And Why It’s Crucial at Schools)

This read will tell you what digital accessibility is and explain in detail why it matters so much for education.

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Virtual Collaboration: 7 Best Practices for Hybrid Teams

Learn what to expect from a Virtual Collaboration and prepare yourself for future professional scenarios that include Hybrid Work.

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