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ViewSonic Implements a Complete Learning Ecosystem at Rev. Piotr Skarga Primary School 

About Rev. Piotr Skarga Primary School 

This non-public, Catholic primary school was established in Warsaw in 2002 and is part of the Catholic Education Complex named after Rev. Piotr Skarga. There are a total of 312 pupils enrolled in years 0-IV.


Rev. Piotr Skarga Primary School is a non-public Catholic primary school located in Warsaw (Poland) that, as part of an expansion project, completed building a new wing in August 2021. The school board wished to boost the attractiveness of the school to accommodate increasingly tech-savvy parents. As a result, the school was looking to fit its 13 new classrooms with state-of-the-art EdTech solutions that would sustain the passage of time.

In search of more than just hardware, they wanted their school to have a complete education ecosystem. In particular, they needed this ecosystem to facilitate hybrid and remote learning, which has recently become a new challenge for teachers. The software component also needed to provide educators with more interactive tools for lesson planning and be engaging and easy to use with young students from classes I to IV.

Although the school board already planned on hiring a team of young teachers who are familiar with new technology, it was looking for training support to ensure that all educators could independently operate and use the solution to its full potential.

ViewBoard interactive whiteboard in primary school


ViewSonic teamed-up with Projekcja Spółka z o.o., one of its long-standing partners in the region, to conceptualize an integrated solution to support Rev. Piotr Skarga Primary School. With this collaboration, ViewSonic was able to meet its objective to create the best possible conditions for the students, both in class and online.

1. A complete ecosystem for education

Each classroom was equipped with a 55‘’ 4K ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP6550-3. These interactive displays offer a large screen surface catering to group activities while allowing teachers to incorporate online resources within their lessons. It is also completely integrated with myViewBoard software.

2. Tools designed for teaching

Whiteboard, one of the myViewBoard apps that is directly built-into the ViewBoards, provides teachers with an infinite canvas for interactive and uninterrupted lessons. They can integrate any online resource thanks to the LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity, and all class content can easily be shared with students, so that even if they are learning remotely, they can feel as if they were in the same classroom.

3. Support and durability

To guarantee that the school would be able to use the solution for years to come, ViewSonic offered an extended 5 year-warranty on the hardware and provided the staff with complete training for both the devices and the myViewBoard software.


After implementing the complete solution on time for the grand opening of Rev. Piotr Skarga Primary School’s new wing, the staff was pleased to observe a direct positive impact on both teachers and students.

1. Improved and enhanced focus 

Teachers noticed a direct improvement in the students’ attention and engagement. The children responded extremely well to the online resources brought into the lessons (such as educational videos or games), which add more variety to the classes. The interactive features facilitated improved interactions between educators and the class, ensuring a better balance of active and passive learning for the students, which ultimately results in better focus throughout the day.

learning ecosystem

2. Fully operational remote and hybrid learning

Integrating more online resources in class has resulted in more effective hybrid learning. Teachers can directly display and work with the Oxford and Cambridge Publishers’ resources. They can also display and refer to students’ handbooks, enabling more direct feedback. What’s more, teachers noticed improved continuity and flow in classes, regardless of whether the students learn in-person or remotely.

3. Quick adaptation to hardware and software

Thanks to ViewSonic’s training, teachers who were previously very uncertain about using this technology quickly became self-assured. They felt comfortable using and integrating technology in their lessons. Despite their young age, the students were all familiar with technology and instinctively adapted to using it. The additional activities heightened motivation during class time.

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