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Joliet Township High School Boosts School Image and Effective Communication with ViewSonic 216” All-in-One LED Display


Located in Will County, Illinois, the Joliet Township High School District 204 (JTHS) encompasses Joliet Central High School and Joliet West High School. Founded in 1899, it is one of the area’s oldest school districts. Four regional middle school districts attend JTHS, including Joliet Public Schools District 86, Rockdale School District 84, Troy School District 30-C, and Elwood School District 203.


Eager to stay on top of trends and set a new standard in the region, Joliet West High School sought a large video wall solution that could accommodate various school events, such as community meetings, presentations, and as the communication hub for the school’s announcement about clubs, sports, and tutoring sessions.

Initially exploring a traditional video wall composed of multiple LCD panels assembled together, which often displayed visible bezel frames and grid lines, Joliet West school admins sought a grid-less large display screen for a better viewing experience. Setup complexity and maintenance were also a major concern of theirs, as they learned that LCD video walls require difficult maintenance, which must be done by professional technicians and needs calibration every time an LCD panel is broken and replaced, leading to prolonged downtimes and unexpected high costs.

Since teachers, staff, as well as guest speakers, would be the ones operating it, Joliet West was looking for a solution that would combine excellent visual performance and ease of use. Their objective was to find a large, premium, easy-to-operate display solution for various school activities.

Joliet Township High School All-in-One LED Display


Joliet West High School was already familiar with ViewSonic and had recently equipped its library with multiple ViewBoards. Satisfied by their experience using ViewSonic’s interactive whiteboards, the school conducted research and decided to invest in a LD216-251, a 216” All-in-One Direct View LED Display.

The ViewSonic LD216-251 delivers an exceptional visual experience for presentations, collaborative sessions, and events. Featuring a frameless edge and ultra-slim design with a remarkable screen size of 216 inches, it offers an impressively large and seamless viewing experience. The expansive screen is perfectly suited for school events and activities, providing great visibility even in a large audience setting.

Integrating all operating systems and components, including powerful speakers, the LD216-251 offers a turnkey, easy-to-use display solution. It comes with intuitive wireless screen sharing capability which can be used together with the ViewBoard Cast Button for greater security and simplified control. The display’s modular design allows for quick installation and full front maintenance, with hot-swappable front LED modules that are pre-calibrated to ensure synchronized color and brightness.


ViewSonic 216” All-in-One LED Display fosters effective communication within the school; its expansive screen size allows for clear information presentation to large audiences and even to passersby from a distance. During regular days, the LD216-251 is used as digital signage to broadcast announcements, school information, or schedules. It is also regularly used for various events held at Joliet West, such as after-school teachers and community meetings.

School staff, teachers, and students were impressed by the seamless design and massive screen size, showcasing clear image content. Apart from its impressive design and outstanding audiovisual performance, the ease of use provided by the all-in-one integration and ViewBoard Cast Button meant the LD216-251 display was immediately adopted by all staff and teachers. Maintaining the display is also effortless, teachers and staff can easily swap broken LED panels with new ones within 5 minutes, without needing professional help, which minimizes downtime and long-term costs.

Joliet West Student Center’s ViewSonic LD216-251 installation improves the school spaces and event experience, boosting pride among the school’s staff. The high school has set a new standard in the region and gained much attention from neighboring schools, with visitors showing admiration and interest in installing the same display solution.

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