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ViewSonic All-in-One LED Display Brings Efficiency, Reliability, and Visibility to Montgomery Public Schools’ Career Tech Presentations


Montgomery Public Schools is a school district located in Montgomery, Alabama,
serving over 30,000 students across 27 preschools, 32 elementary schools, 12
middle schools, and 10 high schools. To prepare students for life after graduation, the
Montgomery Preparatory Academy for Career Technologies (MPACT) offers a Career
Technical Education program. This curriculum is designed for 10th-12th graders, allowing
them to acquire practical knowledge in a real-world setting, guided by experienced


MPACT is a district hub for developing careers in the technology industry. Dozens of
seminars, training, personal development, and recruitment presentations are hosted
every month on its premises, gathering students, staff, trainers, and recruiters.

Organizing these events was a tedious process as the school did not own displays
capable of accommodating larger audiences. Each time, staff members would have
to go to another building across town to collect a projector, screen, and soundboard,
install them by themselves, and then return the equipment quickly afterwards so that
other schools could use them too.

To streamline the preparation process and cater to sizable audiences, Montgomery
Public Schools sought to invest in a large display solution. They were initially
considering an LCD video wall – the traditional option that combines multiple LCD
screens to create a large display. However, they were not satisfied by the visible
gridlines of LCD video walls.

Montgomery High School Viewsonic All In One Led Display Installation


The school district had already purchased ViewSonic ViewBoards for some of their
schools, and the staff at MPACT were very satisfied with these interactive whiteboard
units. While researching video wall solutions, they discovered ViewSonic’s All-in-One
LED Displays
through their reseller and decided to invest in a LD135-151 All-in-One LED
Display for their common area.

This large 135″ wall-mounted LED video wall boasts an all-in-one design that integrates
a display, image stitching, power supply, and control system for easy installation. The
display features a built-in OS and offers wireless content sharing functionality. Intuitive
to use, it can be operated by any staff member to screen cast multimedia content.

The LD135-151 grid-less design with ultrafine bezel, 1080p resolution, and built-in
speakers provides a complete out-of-the-box audiovisual experience. With a high
brightness of 600 nits, the large screen offers great visibility and spectacular images
in all spaces and lighting conditions.

Montgomery High School Viewsonic All In One Led Display


The ViewSonic LD135-151 All-in-One LED Display was a true game-changer for all
presentations and events held in MPACT’s common area. Its large and seamless screen
ensures clear and bright images, offering optimal visibility in this space, which can
accommodate up to 100 people. When no events are taking place, it broadcasts videos
or music to create a welcoming environment. Staff and students all praise the solution,
and visitors are so impressed by it that it often serves as an icebreaker at school visits.

The process for setting up events has been greatly simplified, saving a lot of time
and effort, as staff no longer need to borrow various equipment from across town.
The user-friendly operation offered by the all-in-one integration and wireless screen
sharing means the display is always ready to use within minutes, delivering superior
image quality to their previous presentation setup.

After over a year of use, the school’s staff are incredibly pleased with their
investment, which has exceeded their initial hopes for the presentation space both
in terms of visual appeal and functional benefits. The district is even planning to
invest in a second unit for one of their sister centers.

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