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ViewSonic Enhances Peiyu Digital Entertainment ‘s Trade Show Experience with Its 135” Foldable All-in-One LED Display


Peiyu Digital Entertainment, a renowned mobile games editor and publisher based in New Taipei City, Taiwan, participates annually in the Taipei Game Show—one of Asia’s leading gaming trade shows, which attracted over 360,000 gaming enthusiasts and industry leaders from more than 35 countries in 2024. At the event, Peiyu Digital Entertainment showed their upcoming games and deeply engaged with their extensive community of players. This year, they secured a booth on the main aisle to premiere the four games they plan to release throughout the year.


Having secured a stand on the main aisle of the Taipei Game Show—the busiest and most competitive area, where all major industry players also have booths—Peiyu Digital Entertainment  sought a display solution to help them stand out and attract visitors. They contemplated traditional LED displays for their large screens, but the difficult, time-consuming installation, and booth design limitations did not fulfill their requirements. On the other hand, while more convenient, the smaller screen sizes and unremarkable appearance of LCD displays would make it a challenge for them to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

This year’s event is pivotal for the company as they will premiere several new games. Having encountered technical difficulties in the past, they aim to avoid reliance on long cables or USB sticks for storing and displaying video content to prevent compatibility issues and other malfunctions Additionally, due to the common issue of Wi-Fi instability at trade shows, they are hesitant to use traditional wireless streaming options.

Peiyu Digital Entertainment is deeply connected with its player community and is excited to offer them an exclusive opportunity to witness and test their upcoming games. To elevate the gaming experience, they plan to cast the games from the players’ smartphones onto the large screen to emphasize the high-quality graphics and meticulous design of game environments. Nonetheless, they are cautious about using Wi-Fi-based solutions, as these often come with considerable input lag, which could disrupt gameplay and smooth display of the games.

ViewSonic's Foldable All-In-One LED Display


At the front of their booth, Peiyu Digital Entertainment set up a ViewSonic LDS135-152 – a 135-inch foldable all-in-one LED display. Its pre-assembled design allows for a quick setup in just a few minutes by two people, and it includes a built-in stand, offering easy mobility without the need for wall-mounting. Boasting a brightness of 600 nits, 1080p resolution, and a 120% Rec.709 wide color gamut, the expansive screen delivers eye-catching, vivid, and brilliant images that attract attention even from afar.

The LDS135-152 is equipped with a built-in operating system, an embedded multimedia player that supports a wide variety of content formats, and 56GB of internal storage, making it well-suited for continuous content playback. Featuring a USB-C port and six HDMI inputs, along with wireless casting capabilities, it also provides additional connectivity options, enhancing convenience for users.

To facilitate the testing of their new games, Peiyu Digital Entertainment used a ViewSonic WPD-700 wireless screen casting kit with the smartphones used for demonstrations. This compact transmitter, which connects to mobile devices via USB-C, pairs with a receiver attached to the LDS135-152 to establish a P2P exclusive network, eliminating the need for a Wi-Fi connection or any shared network. It supports up to 1080p resolution and enables casting across distances up to 30 meters with unnoticeable low latency, ensuring a fluid and responsive viewing experience.

wireless casting on the foldable all-in-one LED display


The 2024 Taipei Game Show turned out to be a significant success for Peiyu Digital Entertainment. The installation of the ViewSonic LDS135-152 was swift and straightforward, easing the usual stress related to the logistics and setup of conventional video wall solutions for the on-site team. The display’s bright and vivid imagery, positioned at eye level, served as an effective attractor, drawing passersby to pause at the booth to view the game videos. This provided the Peiyu Digital Entertainment team with many opportunities to engage with fans and gamers, enhancing their presence at the event. 

Peiyu Digital Entertainment was particularly pleased with the seamless playback of their promotional videos. After uploading the game videos to the foldable 135-inch LED display’s local storage, the playlist ran smoothly without any interruptions or technical glitches, ensuring a consistent and engaging presentation for booth visitors. 

Visitors looking at content displayed on the foldable all-in-one LED display

The playtests on the large 135-inch screen were a huge hit with fans. The WPD-700 ensured that the transition of mobile games to the large display was seamless, preserving the smooth gameplay experienced on smartphones. The games’ vivid and intricately detailed environments were especially striking on the larger screen, displaying the games at their best. This promise of a unique gaming experience attracted fans and visitors, encouraging them to try the games firsthand. 


Foldable All-in-One
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