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ViewSonic Assists Gaia Hotel Bandung to Offer World-Class Facilities with the 135″ LED Display Solution Kit


Gaia Hotel Bandung in Indonesia chose to upgrade its facilities with the ViewSonic 135″ LED Display Solution Kit to offer incredible audio-visual solutions to its guests.


Gaia Hotel Bandung (Indonesia) is a luxury resort that aims to distinguish itself from other 5-star hotels by offering modern accommodation for both leisure and business customers. This grand hotel with 280 rooms and world-class facilities strives to provide a perfect event venue with inclusive solutions for all events, including meetings, weddings, and conferences.

ViewSonic Case Study Gaia Hotel Bandung


As a leading 5-star hotel, Gaia Hotel Bandung aims to provide customers with the best services and facilities. They realized they needed to upgrade their event venue with state-of-the-art AV equipment. But installing traditional wall-mounting displays would cause too much downtime and implies renovation costs. Moreover, events are held in multiple facilities throughout the hotel and the newly acquired AV equipment should therefore be mobile and quick to install.


ViewSonic’s LDS 135-151 is a 135” All-in-One Direct View LED display solution kit that provides ultra-large 1080p high-resolution images without grids, as well as theater-level audio thanks to Harman Kardon speakers. This mobile screen comes preassembled on a stand for quick and effortless setup in any room throughout the hotel, which saves time, and labor that would otherwise be spent on renovation and construction. It can easily be set up and moved throughout the hotel, so there is no need to install displays in every room. The embedded Wi-Fi enables wireless screen mirroring, and the built-in powerful speakers eliminate the messy cables that come with external audio systems.


Quick and convenient installation of the LED Display Solution Kit minimizes setup time, significantly improving event organization. The pre-assembled mobile screen spared the hotel expensive renovations while offering easy setup by the staff no matter the facility. Patrons and guests enjoy high-level immersive storytelling thanks to the stunning visual quality and cinematic audio.

Looking to know more? Download the case study, explore ViewSonic’s products, or read more about All-in-One LED Displays in this article.


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