Conference Speakerphone


  • Premium 360-degree omnidirectional conversation quality with sound coverage for up to 6 metres
  • Optimised sound clarity with 4 array microphones featuring echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • Effortless meetings on the go with portable and lightweight design
  • 24-hour battery life with reverse charging to help keep you connected for important tasks
  • Easy connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 and USB-C
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ViewSonic conference speakerphone is the perfect product for frequent online meetings at home or in the office. It has a premium conversation quality with 360-degree omnidirectional 6 metres diameter coverage to facilitate optimal conversation. It also has four array microphones with echo cancellation and noise reduction to make sure every word is articulated and clearly heard. In addition, it is great for portability with a light weight of 340g and 24-hour call time for meetings on the go. ViewSonic conference speakerphone can also serve as a mobile charger in case your phone battery is running low. Finally, the USB type C port and Bluetooth 5.0 allows for hassle-free connectivity and efficiency.

Disturbance-free conversation with up to 6m coverage

Ideal for up to 6 people, ViewSonic conference speakerphone offers 360-degree omnidirectional sound with 6m coverage in diameter, and microphone with echo cancellation and noise reduction. Every attendee can easily focus and enjoy ultrafine conversation quality. ViewSonic conference speakerphone is also equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure connection stability and music transmission quality.
Disturbance-free conversation with up to 6m coverage 1

Effortlessly join a meeting no matter where you are

ViewSonic conference speakerphone is perfect for mobile meetings with its super lightweight design that you can easily carry anywhere.
Effortlessly join a meeting no matter where you are 1

24-hour battery that keeps you connected

The high-capacity battery with up to 6500 mAh not only supports 24-hour use, but its reverse charging can also act as an additional charging station for your phone. The conference speakerphone allows you to travel and stay connected during your business trips.
24-hour battery that keeps you connected 1

Conquer any meeting scenario

ViewSonic conference speakerphone has great connectivity that easily fits into various meeting setups. You can use USB type C to quickly plug and play, or connect your device via Bluetooth 5.0 to enjoy a tidy working table.

One device that fits all conference software

Designed as the best mobile meeting companion, the conference speakerphone has perfect compatibility that easily operates within various conferencing software.
One device that fits all conference software 1

Dimensions & I/O Ports

  1. Volume up button
  2. Call button
  3. Mute button
  4. Multi-function button
  5. Volume down button
  6. Power button
  7. Power LED indicator
  8. Bluetooth LED indicator
  9. Bluetooth button
  10. Status indicator
  11. USB port for charging output (Type-A)
  12. Audio output port
  13. USB port for charging input (Type-C)


    Frequency: Call mode: 150Hz ~ 8kHz; Music mode: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
    S/N Ratio: 65dB
    Battery time: 24 hours
    Battery capacity: 6500mAh
    Charging time: 4 hours (5V/2A)
    USB 2.0 (VID:0543 / PID: A017), Bluetooth 5.0