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How to Choose a Presentation Display for Your Meeting Spaces

Choosing the best presentation display for your business’s meeting spaces can be overwhelming. With so many different options ranging from projectors all the way to 163” video wall displays, finding the best solution can take time.

This is why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to all types of presentation displays commonly used for meeting spaces in business settings. If you are ready for a great investment in your business, you might want to read our complete strategies for business solutions.

Modern meeting spaces are becoming much more than old-fashioned meeting rooms or conference rooms. They have become areas for teamwork, brainstorming, active collaboration, and other problem-solving activities. And thanks to evolving technology, this is all possible. With a variety of all-in-one solutions that fit your company’s needs, it’s possible to make an amazing investment for you and your team. It can be difficult to know where to start, however, which is why we have produced this guide.

Using presentation display systems such as projectors, wireless presentation displays, and interactive flat-panel displays are the best solutions to consider if you want to create a more collaborative and engaging meeting space.

Learning about the different usages for different types of displays, their pros, and their cons, will help you make an informed investment for your business.

Interactive Flat-Panel Displays (IFPD) for Collaborative and Huddle Meeting Spaces

Interactive flat-panel displays are large-format touchscreens displays. They are like wireless presentation displays but offer built-in software for high levels of collaboration and brainstorming. The advanced touchscreen interactivity is perfect for all types of meeting spaces.

Using interactive flat-panel displays creates more collaborative workspaces with improved convenience and higher-performing productivity. They are even great for huddle spaces. However, these displays can be more difficult to operate which might present a learning curve for those who are not as tech-savvy. Not to mention that some boards do not come with installed software, causing incompatibility issues later.


Interactive flat-panel displays (IFPDs) are perfect for meeting spaces of various sizes looking to make the upgrade. IFPDs are for those who want to connect not only in the office but also with remote coworkers. Thanks to the technology that allows for writing, editing, and other collaborative features, you can make any meeting more engaging and productive.


Collaborative workspaces are becoming more and more popular among meeting spaces and business organizations. They allow for brainstorming and idea creation. These devices also secure a smooth discussion without the hassle of finding previous notes or sharing files on the device itself.

ViewSonic’s interactive flat-panel displays, called ViewBoards, are perfect for those wanting to make the switch to IFPDs. And for any business use, we recommend our flagship ViewBoard: the IFP8670.

For additional insights, you might want to discover IT World Canada’s rundown of the features offered on the ViewBoards we offer here at ViewSonic.

Huddle room solutions are becoming increasingly needed, too. They are great for building teamwork and bringing coworkers together for an effortless organizational spirit. But it can be difficult to keep record all your information easily. IFPDs still assure flexibility while providing secure ways of teamwork in a less formal environment.

If you are interested in working with your team on multiple devices, we recommend the IFP5550-3. And if you want to scale down your collaborative display, the VBH100 is great for easy sharing among huddle rooms to get started.

High-performance is important for any collaborative space. Nobody wants to write on a board that lags or spend time trying to remember the correct word spelling. With a high-performing IFPD, you can be sure that regardless of usage, your board will retain clarity and prove its durability.

If you need a reliable, high-performing 4k touchscreen, explore IFP9850-4 bundle to solve the problem.

How to Choose a Presentation Display for Your Meeting Space - Meeting Space

Convenience is one of the hidden benefits of installing an IFPD. Outside of saving all work or notes done on the board, many of them use fewer cables for a neater appearance. You can simply walk into a room, plug in the device, and begin sharing with your team.

Even better, the ViewBoards use a single USB Type-C cable, which makes sharing even quicker. With quick 60W charging and touch pass-through, they greatly leverage the meeting time.

Factors to Consider

Learning curves can be difficult for some users. IFPDs might seem daunting, especially if you purchase the wrong one. They may not always be intuitive for the user and may even have functionalities you’ll never use. Nothing is worse than wasting half of a meeting just trying to turn on the display!

Thankfully, ViewBoards are easy to use and quick to learn. Forbes wrote an interesting article about when designers should choose intuitive vs. learned software systems. Making sure you choose a company that has your best interest in mind is vital.

Troubleshooting is another big challenge for those who may not be as tech-oriented. Some boards may require you to download certain software or use a certain browser, but it uses mysterious codes and keywords you’ve never seen before.

ViewSonic provides a solution for this. From troubleshooting FAQs, online training courses, and contact services, you never have to face another IFPD problem again.

How to Choose a Presentation Display for Your Meeting Space - Viewboard meeting

Incompatible software can be a huge issue if you’ve already made your purchase. Every IFPD has different requirements and compatibility specifications. For example, maybe some only connect with laptops while others allow for mobile devices. For complete and easy collaboration, it’s important to double-check specs and installed software.

So, if compatibility and versatile device usage are important for you, don’t worry! All our ViewBoards come with the myViewBoard software preinstalled.

Wireless Presentation Displays (WPDs) for Remote Meeting Spaces

Wireless presentation displays are hardware solutions for integrating multiple other devices into a single wireless system. Oftentimes these WPSs are external boxes that connect multiple devices, but standard wireless presentations have them built-in. This allows for an easy and cableless connection for all devices involved.

These devices pay for themselves with a lower total cost of ownership and allow for smarter and more collaborative meeting spaces. However actual device size and limitations on interactive features are something you should consider when creating the perfect meeting space solution.


Wireless presentation displays are wireless all-in-one presentation displays. These also allow for screen sharing and integrated multimedia display. They also do not require dongles or app installation and provide you with instant casting just by using opening a browser.

These are perfect for meeting spaces with high levels of sharing involved inside or outside. Wireless presentation displays, or WPD, for short, are also great for businesses that have remote participants, and even commercial screens. It is easy to connect single content to all displays for effective multi-group environments.


The total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is lower than that of projectors or the like. TCO refers to hidden costs such as maintenance or replacement parts. Unlike projectors, there is no need to replace lamps or do constant deep cleaning.

Typically for these devices, you install the device then you are good to go.

Smarter meeting spaces are key for efficient business and organization. With options for remote and group sharing, you don’t have to worry about making sure everyone gets the correct information on time. This can allow for better time management which in turn allows for more collaboration on ideas or projects.

Workplace communication can be hard to maintain. However, with WPDs you can easily display things like schedule changes, important information, announcements, and more on a single commercial display. You can also have options for remote control meaning you can update information from anywhere in your business or at home.

Career Addict offers a great list of reasons why you need to start using good workplace communication strategies in your meeting space. If this sounds perfect for your business, we recommend checking out CDE7530 to learn more about its features.

How to Choose a Presentation Display for Your Meeting Space - commercial display

Mobility is one of the main pros of having a WPD. Despite the awesome cordless option, this also means you can easily move these displays to other areas of your business. You can either have them mounted to the wall, placed on a trolley, or have an e-poster system for even more mobility of the display.

If mobility is important for your business, we recommend checking out our wheeled stand for your display monitor.

And if you still aren’t convinced, check out Cision PR Newswire’s news about our latest technology for large interactive display solution at ISE 2023.

Factors to Consider

Size may be an issue if you are working with limited space. In this case, you may consider using projectors. While sharing information and remote collaboration are possible with projectors, unfortunately, they are not recommended for brainstorming.

There are no touch-enabled screens or pen features for writing on the screen. If you feel like touch screens and more interactive meetings are needed for your conference room, refer back to our interactive flat panel displays to see if there is a better option for you!

Optimized Office Spaces

Projectors for Any Meeting Space

Projectors are optical output devices that project an image onto a surface. They can also be used with projector screens for the best image production, offer a great image production, fit both smaller spaces and large spaces, and are sometimes even portable!


Projectors are great solutions to meet the needs of all kinds of businesses. The best business projectors are suited for well-lit, smaller office spaces but have the capacity to even work in large venues. For companies that are starting up, or those who may need a budget-friendly solution, projectors are great. With options from ProAV power for large installations or portable for on-the-go, there is bound to be something for your business.


Price is always one of the most important factors to consider. Projectors are typically cheaper than other types of presentation displays. However, budget-friendly should not mean lower quality and bad functionality.


Standard throw, short throw, and ultra-short throw refer to how far away your projector needs to be to project the optimal picture. The standard throw is perfect for larger areas where space isn’t a concern. This means they are great for presentations that require movement and action. You won’t be cramped to a small section of the room.

Short throw and ultra-short throw projectors are perfect for areas with limited space. These projectors only require a few feet from the wall or screen to be effective. With crystal-clear imaging, you will not feel like you are missing out.

Knowing the difference between standard, short, and ultra-short throw projectors is critical for making sure your projector will be the best solution for your meeting space. Also, if space with solid imaging is a priority in your conference room, we recommend checking out this line of projectors.

High brightness and high resolution give the luxury of a wider choice of environment. Many old-school projectors are difficult to see in dark rooms or when placed directly in window light. Having high brightness and resolution allows for effortless presentations without the hassle of people having to move to better see the screen.

Portable projector features allow you to present in multiple locations. With a lightweight build and plug-and-play USB capability, using portable projectors is perfect for those always on the go or have multiple meeting spaces but not the budget for multiple projectors.

If you need a reliable performance solution for on-the-go, we recommend one of our portable projector.

Factors to Consider

Projection is not suitable for every environment. While many of our projectors allow for high-brightness and other features to ensure the best presentation, sometimes a room is just simply not suitable due to lighting.

In this case, it is important to make sure your meeting rooms have the right dimensions and suitable lighting environments.

If you feel that lighting may become an issue for your projector, consider purchasing a projector screen. While not always necessary, they can help enhance the image and give a clearer picture.

They are not touch-enabled, and this can hinder types of collaboration. While having solid projection can give your meeting space more structure, not having a touch-enabled display can mean using pens and paper for note-taking or brainstorming.

If you feel that interactive collaboration is a priority during your meetings, consider looking at other products like the IFPDs or even WPDs.

How to Choose a Presentation Display for Your Meeting Space - Projector meeting space

Replacement lamps need to be purchased to maintain your projector. Typically, it is suggested to change lamps every three years depending on your level of usage. This can become a hidden cost and burden for some if you do not do things like letting fans cool down or keeping the ventilation clear of heavy dust.

Direct View LED for Outside the Meeting Space

Videowall displays are often multi-monitor sets that consist of many different parts put together to create one very large screen. Because of this multi-monitor setup, you can often see the bezels between each screen.


Direct View LED displays are some of the most impressive displays offered at ViewSonic. While they are not interactive, they are great for commercial displays as well as for investing in something nice and beautiful for the business. They are also perfect for cost-effective, all-in-one video wall solutions, and large venue solutions.


Even larger vivid and high-quality imaging is possible with the ViewSonic Direct View LED. With an impressive 120% rec., 709 color accuracy, and an ultra-fast 3,840Hz refresh rate, the images produced are lifelike and just stunning.

Seamless integration and automated control are also possible for this device. Compatible with professional AV control systems such as Crestron, Extron, and AMX, it is easy to present any information or image that you want. Having this control makes using the ViewSonic Direct View LED simple and intuitive.

How to Choose a Presentation Display for Your Meeting Space - Direct View Led

Factors to Consider

Cost is quite high for these types of devices. Because of this, it may not be possible for every business to have the device. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives like projectors, IFPDs, and WPDs.

But, if you can afford it, they are certainly worth the investment. The ViewSonic Direct View LED is certain to wow anyone who walks into your business or meeting space.

Maintenance can be difficult for such a large piece of technology. With so much space to cover and the sheer size of the device can be intimidating for anyone looking to upkeep.

Thankfully, ViewSonic’s Direct View LED has an easy installation with a multi-panel modular design. This means that it only requires two people and takes roughly about 2 hours. With that, it is easy to troubleshoot potentially broken pieces or keep the technology clean.

Limited usability may be a factor to consider if you are working on a budget. Due to their large size, these kinds of devices are best used for commercial display or other display-only alternatives. It is not ideal to use these for highly important information sharing or for collaboration.However, its larger-than-life display capabilities can spice up any presentation used for professional settings and more.

GES has provided 9 ways to make your video walls work if you are still worried that cost may outweigh the potential benefits in your investment.

How to Choose a Presentation Display for Your Meeting Space - Direct View LED in office

(NEW) Portable Monitors for One-on-One Meetings

The difference between a portable monitor and a normal monitor typically relates to the size and weight of the monitor. Sometimes it also relates to the features offered on the device. With a portable monitor, you can get all the benefits of a second screen but on the go!

Being creative and productive anywhere, you can also use it for one-on-one meetings. Some portable monitors are touch-enabled too, which can be very helpful to get your point across quickly.

But you should also be aware that some types of portable monitors may experience bad input lag. Not to mention, some of them really aren’t that portable due to their fragile design and heavyweight.


Portable monitors are becoming increasingly more popular among businesses and professional people. Modern meeting spaces are nowhere near what they used to be. Nearly everyone can be included in collaboration now. Thanks to this, businesses are saving a lot of time, and this leaves them with more opportunities for development in other areas.

One byproduct of this is the potential for more one-on-one meetings. With a portable monitor, it does not matter if the meeting was scheduled or not. You can quickly pull out your monitor and allow for quicker setup and easier screen sharing. Rather than just using a single laptop that can be difficult for both parties to see, you can use the portable monitor as a miniature display fit for almost any environment.


Touch-enabled portable monitors are awesome for one-on-one conferences. Being able to interact with notes, edits, and data can help more effectively get your point across. It is basically like having a mini IFPD in the palm of your hand.

Portability is in the name! Having portable options is severely undervalued when it comes to the workplace. Being able to quickly attach and present is important for one-on-one meetings where you may be working on an even stricter time schedule than usual. With impromptu meetings, maintaining professionalism and readiness is key.  Plus, so much modern work benefits from a second screen, it’s great to get the extra productivity without being tied to a desk.

Expanding creativity is possible by using a portable monitor. For example, ViewSonic’s portable monitors have an advanced in-cell 10-point capacitive touchscreen. This allows for an ultra-responsive touchscreen experience that reacts to a stylus, tap, pinch, swipe, and scribble. A quick and easy solution for productive brainstorming.

In case you weren’t convinced, here are 7 reasons why you need a portable monitor.

How to Choose a Presentation Display for Your Meeting Space - Portable monitor

Factors to Consider

Extra devices to carry can be burdensome. It also means more opportunities to break the device. Some portable monitors are even more fragile than a standard tablet.

However, ViewSonic offers an ultra-lightweight option for those worried about damage. Outside of durability, our portable monitor has a thickness of 6 in. and a weight of less than 2lbs.

Smaller screens can be a deal-breaker for some job fields. Even more so in a one-on-one conference. If both parties cannot see the screen, then you should opt for a bigger touchscreen monitor or a wireless presentation display if interactive features are required.

Input lag can be higher on portable monitors than on standard tablets. Because of this, connectivity between the computer and the portable monitor can be slow and have a low refresh rate. It is also possible that the monitor itself causes lag for your laptop devices as well.

ViewSonic ensures you none of these issues with USB-C Connectivity and the 10-point Touch capacitive. With USB-C connectivity, it is a dual-port that allows for rapid delivery of data, audio, video, and charging all over a single cable. These monitors can also be powered directly from a laptop as well.

If all of these features sound like the perfect solution for you, check out the VG1655 or the TD1655 to learn about all the specs and benefits.

Two men teamworking

Final thoughts

Picking the perfect presentation display solution for your meeting space has never been easier. With projectors, wireless presentation displays, interactive flat panel displays, large-scale video wall displays, and so much more on the way, there is bound to be something for your office.

If you still aren’t sure of what type of presentation display is the best fit for your company’s meeting space, you can learn more about them here.