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What Is an Interactive Flat-Panel Display (IFPD)?

An Interactive Flat-Panel Display (IFPD) is a large-format touchscreen display ideal for meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. It is a replacement for clunky or outdated projector technology with a higher-quality display, enhanced connectivity, and built-in software solutions.

These solutions are perfect for business opportunities, educational pursuits, and even at home leisure. With an interactive flat-panel display, you will receive great screen resolution, built-in software, and so much more. 

Learn more about interactive flat-panel displays below. Or see our flagship corporate display: ViewBoard IFP70.

Here’s the quick answer: it’s an office display solution that will make everyone love meetings again.

In a nutshell, an IFPD – short for Interactive Flat Panel Display – is a type of interactive whiteboard (IWB). An IWB is a large electronic display that has a touchscreen and is able to access, manipulate, and interact with electronic files. In essence, it’s a giant tablet computer that you can use to present or collaborate.

A Next-Gen Office Display Solution

The next generation of digital technologies is transforming the way people work together. After nearly half a decade’s worth of rapid digitization, leaders are now turning their sights on the meeting room. As a result, the way people conduct meetings is about to undergo an exciting transformation.

And, like any other great leap forward, it’s a transformation that hinges upon having the right technology. This technological evolution is where the IFPD comes in.

What Is an IFPD?

Interactive Flat Panel Displays allow you to run your meetings and presentations with the freedom and convenience your team needs to do their best work. Here at ViewSonic, we call them “ViewBoards.”

ViewBoards easily and beautifully handle the highly collaborative needs of today’s office space with 20 points of touch and wide viewing angles. With options for ultra-fine 4K resolution and the ability to present a surprisingly natural handwriting experience, IFPDs support communication and collaboration in ways never before possible in the meeting room.

How Is This Better Than a Whiteboard with a Projector?

For starters, with high-performance IFPDs, the screen is of much higher quality (4K, for example). Also, many IFPD’s can handle interactivity from multiple users. It’s typically compatible more comprehensive ranges of apps and connectivity software, much of it already built-in. Plus, these high-tech displays are usually associated with a cloud-based platform that allows logging in from anywhere to access and share files.

Screen Quality

An interactive flat-panel display has far better screen quality than most projectors. With many models featuring 4K resolutions and a clear picture regardless of lighting, it is more versatile than the average projector. Likewise, wide viewing angles make it possible for more participants to see the screen.

And the enhanced quality of the image means that even if the interactive flat panel is smaller than a projector’s maximum screen size, on-screen content its still easier to see. And as a fixed screen, eliminate the need for adjustment and calibration even if you move the IFPD to a different location.

Built-in Software

Projectors are generally a hardware solution that plugs directly into a computer or device. Any software they might have is rudimentary at best, usually being little more than the navigation menu found on most TVs. Of course, smart projectors are the exception, but even the smartest projector is more limited than the most basic IFPD.

Most IFPDs have a number of built-in software integrations, like ViewBoards’ vCast, Chrome, and myViewBoard which come pre-installed on all displays. And ViewBoards also have the option of a slot-in PC that will make the display a fully functional Windows computer.


Most projectors also have limited connectivity. More recent models may be enabled with wireless connections like Wifi or Bluetooth. But it’s more likely that the projector needs to integrate with outside devices via cable – either to an external wireless presentation system or directly into the device itself.

This contrasts with the easy connectivity of IFPDs, which not only connect wirelessly but integrate seamlessly with wireless networks for secure internal sharing. And with the built-in apps, there are bound to be multiple ways to share your screen or your digital whiteboard.

Touchscreen Interactivity

If for nothing else, this is a reason to get an interactive flat-panel display. In fact, it’s right there in the name: an IFPD is interactive. And displays like the ViewBoard provide an intuitive touchscreen surface to manipulate and annotate whatever is on screen as if it were an analog whiteboard.

ViewBoards can make meetings and other digital gatherings more efficient and user-friendly. Read about how ViewSonic’s ViewBoard (IFPD) improved the classroom experience in a Parish School that had been using aging interactive whiteboards.

Next, let’s take an even closer look at what IFPDs can do for business meetings of the 21st century.

Natural Writing on IFP70

How Can ViewBoard Interactive Displays Make Business Meetings Better?

Fast-changing work processes in the office put a premium on technology that can keep pace. Teams need resources that help them collaborate, be productive, and become ever more efficient. Here are the ways that IFPDs can help:

1. Faster Setup Time

  1. No projector wires to connect
  2. More ports on the ViewBoard IFPD device (including USB)
  3. More connectivity options for users

2. It’s Technology That Works Beautifully With a Modular Office Design

The new way of working and new office design priorities often call for a dynamic office space. Office layouts that are “movable” and that can transform to fit the needs of the teams like large conference areas, and small huddle rooms.

IFPDs can go anywhere as your space evolves, scales, or shrinks. With an optional trolley cart, they can even move around, so they’re ready for service in any location within the building.

3. It’s Technology That’s Huddle Room-Ready

Old projector tech was challenging to use in small rooms. Not so with IFPDs like ViewBoards. Great teamwork requires the right environment. Sometimes, that environment is a huddle room where coworkers can brainstorm in a more casual space.

IFPDs enable highly efficient collaboration in any sized-space. Participants easily interact with each other as well as the content from the huddle room or from anywhere else.

4. Everyone in the Room Can See the Screen

Even in the smallest conference room, nobody has a bad seat with distorted viewing angles due to being too close to the screen. Not only are viewing angles optimized but also pixels and brightness, so everyone gets a clear view even in a huddle.


5. Everyone is More Focused

  • Meeting attendees won’t have to worry about taking notes. They can focus on the presentation or the content in real-time because everything is automatically saved for them to access later.
  • There are fewer distractions. When everyone knows the meeting is being recorded for later viewing, there’s no need to snap screen images with their cell phones. Enjoy the entire session later, with high-quality audio and video as well as programmable effects.
  • Annotation tools facilitate easy annotation of content means higher levels of engagement during meetings.
  • Easy streaming and sharing of content mean a better, more dynamic meeting environment that engages participants and keeps them focused.
  • Virtually no buffering or lag time, which can be distracting.

6. It’s Easier to Present & Share

IFPDs allow you to run your meetings and presentations with incredible freedom and convenience. The content-sharing experience is easy and intuitive, removing many of the common barriers to good collaboration.

  • The main speaker is not connected to a stationary laptop.
  • Participants can easily share content.
  • Content can be annotated quickly and easily.
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Drag & Drop capability
  • Powerful Intel® Technology allows meeting leaders to do more with their content in real-time, right in the middle of a discussion.
  • Run several different software applications at the same time.

Why IT Departments Love ViewBoard IFPDs

It’s easy to see how IFPDs make meetings better, but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in any tech-enabled remote meeting. Your IT department gets to enjoy a wide range of benefits, too. Powerful Intel® Core™ Processors offer incredible performance and reliability providing further benefits for your IT professionals, including the following:

1. Their Time is Freed up For Better Things

  • Bulbs last way longer, so time formerly spent changing bulbs is now freed up
  • Simple, elegant design means fewer parts to clean and maintain. Time previously spent on cleaning & maintenance is now freed up
  • IFPDs Time formerly spent on the recalibration of whiteboards is now freed up

2. There’s Less Hassle in Their Daily Routine

  • No emergency calls to rush and troubleshoot a meeting that’s about to begin
  • Their busy days are simplified because they’re able to deploy, customize, and manage the IFPD environment centrally.

See why school IT managers especially love flat-panel displays: 10 Reasons Education IT Administrators Love Interactive Touch Screen Displays


Why Leaders Love ViewBoard IFPDs

Leaders will appreciate all the benefits enjoyed by their employees, clients, and vendors when it comes to enhanced collaboration and communication. But beyond that, they’ve got their eye on the big picture and will also appreciate the enormous benefits of implementing IFPDs into the work environment. These include:

1. Cost Savings

There are many ways IFPDs encourage cost savings. For example, they’re less invasive on the infrastructure. It’s an all-in-one design, so, unlike older tech, they don’t require a ceiling mount. That means there’s no need to worry about rewiring a ceiling or breaking into walls.

IFPDs simply plug into an outlet just like a TV or monitor.

In addition, it’s an office display solution that works with a wide range of software, including the software that most businesses already own. With fewer new licenses to purchase, that’s good news for the bottom line.

2. Great Security

IFPDs are built on secure platforms that address today’s most urgent security concerns. ViewSonic ViewBoard®’s enterprise-grade security features:

  • Biometric authentication
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Single sign-on

3. Enhanced Privacy

IFPDs provide a wide range of security features, including those that protect business assets as well as attendees’ privacy.

4. 21st-Century Innovation

IFPDs enable a company culture that revolves around innovation and collaboration, which is what businesses need to survive in the 21st century.

5. ROI

IFPDs that are ViewBoards allow for an easily scaled solution, which can lower costs over time for growing enterprises. In addition, many unified communications restrictions that were present in older technology has been removed in this next-gen IFPD solution. That means leaders can expect long-term use and protection for their investment.

Cutting Edge Technology for the Way Today’s Meetings Get Done

ViewBoards are on the cutting edge of evolving meeting room trends — spearheading the movement of next-gen office display solutions. Leaders who envision a future where innovation and collaboration take precedence love IFPDs for everything they enable to make company culture the best it can be.

And this is only the beginning. If you’d like to hear more about how an IFPD office display solution can transform your meetings, visit this article. Or see our flagship corporate ViewBoard: the IFP70.

For Your Reference: IFPD FAQs

Are IFPDs the same thing as interactive displays?

ViewBoard is an IFPD, and in general, IFPDs are also interactive displays. However, the capabilities and features vary significantly between brands.

What is the Difference Between an Interactive Projector and an Interactive Display?

An interactive display does not require a projector and therefore is more convenient.

Interactive Flat Panel vs. Projector and Interactive Whiteboard

An interactive flat panel does not require a projector because all hardware is contained in a flat panel display.

Meeting Room Technology; Glossary of Terms

Interactive Whiteboards

Whiteboards that allow for varying degrees of collaboration. IFPDs like the IFP60 can also handle video conferencing, higher levels of security, and even more options for collaboration solutions and software.

Basic models are an excellent solution for presentations in meetings. But the next-gen models available today add cloud-based portability and enterprise-level security. These new models are becoming even more essential to the meeting room — simply because they enable even better collaboration.

It’s also a whiteboard that allows the user to make presentations using software installed on their laptop. Organizations shopping for upgrades or new systems have the benefit of selecting better, more interactive models built for 21st-century-level security, portability, and compatibility.

They are set up to facilitate engagement by allowing interaction from the user.

Other terms that can mean the same thing:

  1. Digital Whiteboards (though this usually refers to software solutions)
  2. Electronic Whiteboards
  3. Interactive Displays

Interactive Flat Panels

Interactive Flat Panels are office display solutions that put collaboration (including remote collaboration) at the front and center of its functionality. Security is more robust, there are higher-performing accessories for even more enhanced collaboration during power meetings, and even more highly engaging video conferencing experiences.

In addition, IFP Displays are not only incredibly supportive of collaboration but aesthetically pleasing as well. The huge touchscreens are slim and attractive and can be mounted on the wall as easily as a television set.

Interactive Multi-Touch Display

An Interactive Multi-Touch Display is a display monitor that allows for more than one-touch control of the screen. They encourage true interactivity, creative brainstorming, and total group collaboration.

Interactive Panel Displays

Interactive panel displays are flat-panel monitors set up for display in a public or retail environment.

Interactive Projector

Interactive projectors allow for collaboration with a projector in a meeting room.

Interactive Retail Displays

A monitor set up for public use to interact with product information.

Interactive Touch Screen

A touch screen that allows more than one user to control the display. These vary greatly by how many touchpoints there are on the screen.

Interactive Whiteboard

An Interactive whiteboard (IWB) is this: you touch it, and it controls your computer for presentations. It also allows for interaction from other users. The first generation of interactive whiteboards would enable the user to write on them like regular, old-school whiteboards, with markers and all. Today’s models have moved far beyond the initial definition of an IWB and allow for superior collaboration in every sense of the word thanks to the adoption of interactive technologies.

Interactive Store Displays

Interactive store displays are monitors that allow for an interactive experience providing better information such as a mall directory, an airport guide, or an enhanced store experience.

Touch Board

Touch boards may or may not integrate with a wide variety of software. Consider that there is a wide range of how many touch points there might be. A touch board allows for direct interaction with the content in a one-on-one environment.

Final Discussion

While it is a lot of information to absorb, it’s obvious how an interactive flat-panel display can improve your life in a variety of ways. From business meetings, educational classrooms, and at home, making sure you have the tech you need is key to assuring you can see the difference for yourself.

If you are ready to make the switch, check out our line of interactive displays here!