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Our Green Company Vision

ViewSonic takes its role as a green company very seriously. Between less wasteful packaging, energy-saving features, and reduced use of harmful chemicals, our company works hard to reduce its impact on the environment.

Learn more about ViewSonic’s green company commitment below. To visit ViewSonic’s global website, click here.

What is a green company? It’s one that cares about the environment and understands the meaning of stewardship. Green companies find ways to improve the lives of their customers, employees, and communities by instilling eco-friendly practices into everything they do. They’re driven by an ethic of responsible planning and efficient management of resources.

Being green is part of the ViewSonic core mission. When it comes to how we conduct our business and develop our products, we take the long view. We ask: How will what we do today impact our world tomorrow? How can we design our products and optimize our business processes to protect and sustain our Earth?

Our Vision

We’re proud to be an industry leader in promoting eco-friendly business practices. Striving to protect and sustain our environment is a given at every stage of our product lifecycles, from development and production to customer use and disposal.  

Our green vision goes beyond delivering environmentally sustainable products. Helping customers sustain their businesses, classrooms, lifestyle, productivity, and passions is at the core of our mission as a green company.

We ask: How can we design products to help businesses, schools, and individual users save time, reduce costs, and safeguard health and comfort with minimal environmental impact?

Our Monitors

The newest ViewSonic® business monitors exemplify how our green company vision informs product development. We’re proud to call the largest auto manufacturers on the planet our customers, and working with them has improved our impact on the environment.

Partnering with these manufacturers, we learned the importance of 100% recyclable packaging. Customers need to be able to quickly dispose of any packaging, without harming the environment. Designing foam-free packaging was a challenge, and it costs us more, but the environment is worth it!


A complete, ground-up redesign for two of our flagship monitors was carefully engineered to support the needs of large enterprises. Our VG48 and VG55 packaging are now 100% recyclable, so our customers can rest assured knowing they’ve reduced their impact on the environment. We’re expanding our foam-free packaging to even more product lines.

Our packaging is carefully designed to reduce material waste in other ways as well. Cartons are slim and stackable to reduce shipping and storage requirements. They can also be packed two-to-a-box (without stands) to further reduce packaging requirements.

We also use biodegradable, paper-based materials to reduce landfill waste instead of bulky foam fill or plastic bubble-packs. In addition, we print the cartons with single-ink hues to reduce the use of chemicals. We encourage the eco-friendly disposal of these completely recyclable materials.

Lastly, we developed these monitors to meet stringent eco-certifications. They’re EPEAT certified to ensure reduced environmental impact over the complete product lifecycle. And they are ENERGY STAR certified to deliver reduced energy consumption, enabling users to save on energy costs while reducing greenhouse gases.

Our Projectors

Traditional projection bulbs contain mercury, a toxic heavy metal that the World Health Organization considers a major public health concern. Choosing lamp-free technology results in less toxic chemicals in landfills.

Our LED projectors can last up to 30 times longer than their lamp-based ancestors, with a life of up to 30,000 hours*, to significantly reduce disposal and landfill waste. Our laser projectors offer long-lasting, fade-free brightness and virtually zero maintenance needs. These projectors sustain the environment with lower energy consumption, less heat output, and a mercury-free design.


Other eco-friendly practices include using the same tooling to make the bottom cover for nearly all of our projectors to reduce material waste as well as packaging same-sized models in identical cartons with brown-box packaging printed with single-color ink.

Along with the benefits of higher brightness and longer life, all ViewSonic projectors are RoHS compliant. This eco-directive specifies maximum levels for 10 substances known to be hazardous to the environment and to pose occupational exposure.

Our projectors are also designed to meet the stringent European Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive for standby power consumption by incorporating low-power-use modes and adjustable automatic shut-off features.

Our Large-Format and Interactive Displays

Our ViewSonic large-format and interactive displays are designed to sustain big ideas and across-the-globe collaboration. We continually improve our technologies to lessen the environmental impact of these big-screen solutions. 

Reducing power requirements is key, and our efforts to improve backlight efficiency and power unit performance are nonstop. First of all, our interactive displays use 40% less energy than plasma displays. In addition, we recently reduced the average power consumption of our 40” – 49” digital displays by nearly a third, while increasing the number of ENERGY STAR certified models by close to that amount.*

We’re also proud to do our part to reduce waste. Not only are all ViewSonic large-format displays RoHS compliant for restriction of hazardous materials, but they also meet WEEE international regulations for waste collection, recycling, and recovery.

Moreover, we are looking at how we can help shape the next generation. As our interactive displays are being installed in classrooms across the planet, one of the greatest things they’re capable of is teaching our youth about the importance of the environment. 


Our Commitment

We formalized our green company vision by implementing an ISO14001 environmental management system. And we continue to show this commitment in everything we do, from managing our local operations to meeting international standards.

Each year, we define our social and environmental policies and track our progress. The results are published in our Corporate Social Responsibility report. We also set expectations for our suppliers by requiring, among other things, that they follow fair labor practices.

Share and Celebrate

Celebrate Earth Day every day with these eco-aware Ted Talks and stay-in-your-seat trips around the world. For more engaging, interactive learning that’s all about sustaining our world here’s Common Sense Media’s list of Excellent Ecology and Environmental Science Apps, Games, and Websites. Or check out these ecology-focused interactive learning games from the Science Game Center.

Great things happen when we work together. Help sustain our collective green aspirations by taking care to appropriately dispose of your electronics. For our part, we’ll help make it easier with a free recycling return label. Want to take care of things locally? Here’s a list of recycling resources by state.

Read More about how green packaging can reduce your environmental footprint, or visit ViewSonic’s global website to take a look at our range of eco-friendly products, here.  

*Light source, product lifespan, energy, and power consumption may vary based on actual usage and other factors. Specifications and availability are subject to change without notice. Corporate names and trademarks stated herein are the property of their respective companies. Copyright® ViewSonic Corporation. All rights reserved.