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Green Packaging Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Green packaging is good for the environment. Plus ViewSonic’s green packaging is also designed for easy transportation and quick deployment. How else does going green help both the Earth and your bottom line? With savings everywhere from energy costs to labor, you’d be surprised the difference a box makes.

Find out how the right green packaging can save your team time and money while protecting the Earth for future generations.

Many companies like to tell stories about how green they are. At the same time, very few companies are willing to talk about how green they’re going to make your pocketbook.

Is it possible to have your cake, and eat it, too? Are companies able to go green and find ways to save their customers time and money

This is the challenge ViewSonic® embraced when creating their new line of business monitors. 

Green Packaging

The newest ViewSonic® business monitors exemplify how our green company vision informs our product development. A complete ground-up redesign, the VG48 and VG55 enterprise monitors were carefully created to support the needs of businesses, individuals, and our planet.


Energy Savings

ViewSonic monitors save money throughout their use. They’re engineered to do so by conserving energy. Here’s how:

  • Our proprietary Eco-mode feature is built into all ViewSonic monitors and can save up to 25% in power consumption.*
  • ENERGY STAR certification ensures that our products save on energy costs while reducing greenhouse gases.
  • As part of our ongoing efforts to conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner, our monitors have registered EPEAT products and designed for increased recyclability along with reduced toxic content, solid waste, energy use and emissions.
    *Energy savings may vary based on actual usage and other factors.

ViewSonic enterprise monitors save energy and deliver a reduced environmental impact over their entire lifecycles, making them great eco-friendly, long-term investments.

Bottom line: ViewSonic VG48 series and VG55 series displays save businesses money.

Monitor Cost Savings

ViewSonic VG48 and VG55 series monitors are packaged to reduce material waste. Green packaging reduces your carbon footprint and saves you money. Cartons are slim, stackable and reduce shipping and storage costs. The larger the deployment, the more the savings add up.

Smart packaging helps the environment, as it reduces your carbon footprint. Biodegradable, paper-based materials with no foam fill reduce landfill waste. Mono-print color reduces the impact of chemical use.

Recycling is easy and less costly, with fewer and completely recyclable materials. Monitors are EPEAT certified to ensure reduced environmental impact over the complete product lifecycle.

Green Packaging Saves You Money

Being able to recycle 100% of the packaging brings cost benefits.* You don’t have to pay recycling/disposal fees (from having to throw away non-recyclable packaging). Here’s how much money you can save from recycling fees based on the number of monitors you’re installing:

100 Monitor Installations:

TCO 100

1000 Monitor Installations:

TCO 1000

3000 Monitor Installations:

TCO 3000

Decreased Deployment Time

Imagine saving five minutes of time for every monitor your IT team deploys. Not, much, right? Think of it this way: For every 12 monitors, that’s an hour saved. For every 100 monitors deployed, it’s a full day’s worth of work. Time saved that can be spent on accomplishing other tasks.

Fast, easy deployment reduces IT opportunity costs and minimizes user downtime. ViewSonic VG48 and VG55 series monitors arrive in frustration-free packaging that’s fast and easy to open. A quick-release stand enables instant, out-of-the-box setup. No tools needed.

Setup in 4 Easy Steps

Deployment is achieved in four fast, rinse-and-repeat steps. Here are the easy instructions to install a ViewSonic monitor:

  1. Open the box. Remove the monitor stand and base.
  2. Screw monitor base onto the stand with your hands.
  3. Attach the quick release stand to the monitor. No tools needed. Just press the head of the stand onto the back of the monitor panel until it clicks into place.
  4. Use the integrated carry handle at the top of the stand to lift the fully-assembled monitor out of the box.

Based on a Viewsonic customer’s feedback, deployment efficiency increased by close to 3 times because of our package design. Working with a global auto manufacturer, rollout quantity went from 200-300 daily from a different brand to close to 800 daily with the ViewSonic VG2448.**


Integrated cable management lets IT staff or users easily tame cable clutter for tidy, productive workspaces. A built-in stand mount allows for quick install of client devices on the back of the monitor. Versatile connectivity options facilitate fast setup.

Thanks to the same features that make setup a breeze, end-of-life dismantle is fast and easy. Which once again minimizes IT time needed and maximizes the time that can be spent elsewhere.

Engineered For TCO

Some manufacturers take sustainability and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) more seriously than others. ViewSonic designs and packages products with your overall costs in mind. The latest ViewSonic enterprise displays reduce indirect costs across the entire product life cycle. Every model reduces TCO beyond the initial purchase price.


Easy User Experience

Getting used to new equipment can sap user efficiency. ViewSonic VG48 and VG55 series monitors make it easy to adapt. Customizing to meet each users’ needs is intuitive. No training necessary.

The ViewSonic-exclusive ergonomic stand adjusts intuitively using easy-to-reach levers. Users can achieve ideal positioning for comfort and productivity with an extended range of options. Functions include dual-directional pivot, swivel, height adjust and tilt. The ease and range of positions enable effortless collaboration and group discussions. Tilt-up to 40-degrees facilitates working while standing.

Wide viewing angles, flicker-free tech, and a blue light filter enhance comfort and reduce eye strain. It all adds up to healthier, more comfortable and more productive employees. Which eliminates potential direct and indirect costs due to user downtime, injury and workers comp claims.

Reduced Service, Maintenance and Operating Costs

ViewSonic is known for delivering reliable display products for over 30 years. Put simply, ViewSonic monitors do what they’re intended to do. In the rare event of a problem, all ViewSonic enterprise displays are covered by a 3-year limited warranty. ViewSonic customer support is free and readily available to offer quick, professional service.

Enterprise VIP customers get white-glove treatment, for time and cost savings that add up. Like overnight shipment of replacement monitors to minimize downtime. ViewSonic ensures fast, simple firmware upgrades using the displays’ USB port, for reduced downtime and logistics costs.

ENERGY STAR certification ensures the lowest possible energy consumption for guaranteed savings that adds up over time. ViewSonic’s proprietary Eco-mode further reduces operating costs. Included with all ViewSonic monitors, Eco-mode adjusts power use, saving up to 25% in energy consumption.

Dual Monitor Bundles

Shipped in a single package that includes two monitors without monitor stands, our dual monitor packs are easier to transport and unpack – just open the box and lift out the two screens. What’s more, standard VESA-mounting makes these monitors easier to set up and deploy and saves IT teams valuable time for more productive tasks.

Dual monitor bundles are just another way to cut costs while boosting productivity.

*Recycling fee based on ViewSonic’s actual numbers working with leading global car manufacturer. The recycling fee includes foam, packaging, and stand.

** Based on ViewSonic’s actual numbers working with a leading global car manufacturer.