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18 Unexpected Free Educational Videos Website for Teachers

Video-assisted learning is becoming increasingly common thanks to both more video-capable devices and the availability of video resources. Here is a list of 18 educational video resources for a variety of subjects. And don’t miss the bonus content at the end from ViewSonic.

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No one can beat free. We searched across the internet for the best free education video websites for teachers. Our list specifically identified sites that offer videos for use without having to sign up to be a member or enrolled in a course. For an added benefit, many of the sites we found cover multiple subjects and grade levels. It is a great starting point for any teachers in building their own trusted list of educational video resources.

Here is our suggested list of 18 unexpected websites offering free educational videos:

Resources Covering Multiple Subjects

1. Crash Course

Crash Course offers free high-quality educational videos across many subjects ranging from humanities, US history, philosophy, science, and more. The Crash Course team has produced videos on 21 subjects for high school and college-level students and learners. An extra bonus is many of the subjects are aligned to AP high school curriculums.

2. Edutube

Edutube is a collection of educational videos with categories in animals, biology, chemistry, math, and more. You can refine your video search from the pre-school level all the way to higher education. They provide a great educational video resource with thousands of excellent free educational videos on the web.

3. Intelecom Learning

Intelecom Learning is a developer of educational content for California’s community colleges but much of their professionally made video content is available on their YouTube channel. Designed specifically for college-level courses their content is a better fit for more mature audiences. They offer a wide range of topics from English as a second language to business management, political science, gender studies, and more.

4. AllTime10s

Alltime10s is an interesting YouTube Channel that creates informative, fascinating, and engaging videos using the “Top 10” format. They cover a verity of topics including geography, crime, history, and pop culture. Check out interesting videos such as the 10 Incredible Indian Inventions or What if the Internet Was Destroyed? on their channel.

5. Institute of Art and Ideas

The Institute of Art and Ideas brings together its own collection of articles and videos of world-leading thinkers. They have over 1000 videos across subjects like philosophy, science, politics, and art. Directly from their website, you can watch videos hosted by industry experts, scientists, historians, researchers, and more.

6. Bloomberg

One of the most popular business news portal in the world Bloomberg also have a great video collection on current affairs around topics such as surveillance, technology, markets, politics, and business news. Bloomberg is a great resource for both articles and videos on current events and news from across the globe.

7. TeacherTube

TeacherTube is an online community for sharing instructional videos. They seek to offer a safe venue for teachers, schools, and home learners to access educationally focused videos. Currently, they offer an incredible 60 topics from math, social science, to languages for all ages.

8. PBS NewsHour

The PBS NewsHour has a great selection of full episodes and clips from their programming. Topics are sorted into categories like art, economy, education, health, and politics to name a few. Videos on current events and news are a great resource for teachers looking to bring real present-day issues into their classroom discussions.



Bonus: Subject-specific Websites for Educational Videos

There are lots of subject-specific resources out there as well, so no matter what you’re teaching there are likely to be videos for you and your students.


9.Bozeman Science

The Bozeman’s video collection was created by Paul Andersen, an educational consultant and YouTube creator living in Bozeman, Montana. Mr. Andersen has 20 years of teaching experience in science education. His website has hundreds of science videos many of which are aligned to the AP curriculum in subjects like AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, and AP Physics.

10. The EcoHero Show

The EcoHero Show is a great song and dance base way to introduce students to different topics around ecology such as recycling, food waste, and energy conservation. The live show has been performed at over 850 schools in five countries to over 400 thousand students. Their free online video selection is best suited for kindergarten to the 6th grade. Their videos are a fun way to get students to engage in environmental issues. 

11. Minute Earth

Created by a group of scientists, writers, and illustrators, Minute Earth offers stories about earth-related topics with easy-to-understand stick-figure animations. Topics range from animals, geology, ecology, human anatomy, and more. To view all their free resources you can visit their YouTube Channel.

Technology and Engineering

12. The Fixies

The Fixies are an online animation series that is dedicated to explaining machinery and technology to kids. Cute animated characters help kids explore the world on a miniature level and learn about how things work from items like remotes, and refrigerators to digital technologies like text messages and more. Full episodes can be found on their YouTube Channel.


13. Let’s Tute

Let’s Tute is an E-learning company based in Mumbai. Their main product offering includes paid-for video courses that can be downloaded from their site. Their YouTube Channel offers free resources (and videos) around math including trigonometry, algebra, and geometry. 

14. Math Fortress

Math Fortress is a great resource for teachers and students to come and watch videos on math topics that they are struggling to understand. For each math subject, they provide extra help with additional problems, worksheets, quizzes, and video examples. They offer content and video series for Algebra 1 & 2, Linear Algebra, Calculus 1, 2, & 3, and Geometry. Free videos can be watched from their website and their YouTube Channel.

Humanities and Arts

15. HipHughes History

HipHughes History has over 450 instructional videos for students of social studies covering topics from world history, the US constitution, current events, politics, and more. Videos are linked from their site or you can find them on their YouTube Channel. Their videos are generally very short and energetic which is great for classroom lessons.

16. Simple History

Simple History is a UK-based website offering books and videos to bring history to life. Their animated videos bring to life world histories from Tokugawa Japan to the American Revolution, all the way to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Created for children, the series has great summaries of events and antiquities from around the world.

Language Learning

17. engVid

engVid is a great resource for free English video lessons across topics such as business English, IELTS, speaking, slang, and vocabulary. Over 1400 lessons are available from real language teachers and split into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Their resources center also offers great downloadable materials for both teachers and students.

18. Rachel’s English

Rachel’s English is a very popular English learning website with over 400 videos to help students improve their spoken English and listening comprehension. Rachel hosts all videos herself and is highly respected for her English teaching skills.

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18 Unexpected Free Educational Videos Website for Teachers


Complete Solutions to Educational Videos

Together the sites above offer a few thousand free educational videos that are usable in the classroom. However, no one source or even a collection of many sources has everything a teacher needs to find all the videos they would use.

All a teacher can do is build a large list of trusted resources so the video search can go more smoothly and quickly. The internet provides a great and almost unlimited resource for teachers to tap into but it is filled with dangers around quality, inappropriate content, advertisement, and copyrights. In our recent whitepaper, we found that 84% of teachers reported that they use YouTube and 61% of teachers actively search Google for websites to find the videos they need. Some teachers are also struggling to even access the internet with 30% of teachers reporting that their school blocks or limits access to certain websites.

Moreover, finding the time and effort to look for videos on top of the normal workload placed on teachers is high. Over 60% of teachers reported feeling frustrated sometimes in their search for the right educational videos. The hunt for a better solution to fix these issues and problems around educational videos will be a continual journey.

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18 Unexpected Free Educational Videos Website for Teachers

ViewSonic’s Solution to Educational Videos

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