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How Dual Head Monitor Bundles Save You Money

Dual monitor bundles save you or your organization money and time while offering the benefits of two monitors. How? The increased productivity of two screens comes at a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) both initially and over the monitor’s lifetime. How? The answer is surprisingly simple: less work, less maintenance, less material.

Find out how a dual monitor bundle boosts productivity at a lower price than the typical dual monitor setup or see some of our dual monitor bundles now

When you only pay for what you need, you save money. When you don’t need a monitor stand, there’s no reason to pay for one. That’s why our dual head monitor bundles were created!

Designed for environments ranging from modern-day offices to large manufacturing facilities, dual monitor bundles boost productivity. Not only do dual head monitors help users switch between windows much more efficiently, but they’re also engineered to reduce TCO (total cost of ownership) at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Shipped in one package without any monitor stands, and with less packaging, these dual monitors add efficiency, cut costs, and offer a reduced environmental footprint. One may not think a stand costs enough to matter. But during a major installation, these costs quickly add up.


Implementing dual screens while only paying for the components you need leads to much better TCO. Across the entire product lifecycle, ViewSonic® finds ways to save you money.

Working with Fortune 500 customers, we found many cases where cost-conscious customers do not need (or want to pay for) monitor stands. That’s why we’re proud to offer monitors without stands.

TCO Means Looking at More Than Just Unit Cost

There are many costs of owning monitors across the product lifecycle. To reduce TCO, it’s important to look at all the costs involved in a purchase. The ‘unit cost’ of a monitor is much like the metaphorical ‘tip of an iceberg.’ 

At first glance, that’s all there is. Working to create the best TCO for customers, we’ve identified many hidden costs lying underneath the surface.


Below the tip of the metaphorical iceberg, these hidden costs include:

  • Labor Costs (to install and set up the monitors)
  • Storage & Recycling Fees (from having to throw away non-recyclable packaging)
  • IT Support Costs (firmware updates)
  • User Down Time (when a monitor has to be repaired)
  • Service Costs (freight paid to repair a monitor)

So, here’s how ViewSonic helps lower these costs:

  • Dual monitor setups are much quicker to install with less packaging, less tooling required, and easy VESA mounting.
  • 100% recyclable packaging means you can get rid of what you don’t need quickly. No time spent sorting out the plastic.
  • Save time with firmware updates via USB.
  • ViewSonic’s VIP program offers Express Exchange® service to replace monitors quickly.
  • VIP Program members receive white-glove service and don’t have to pay for freight.

The more monitors you’re installing, the more important it is to look at these costs. Hidden costs arise from installation to the costs of repair. 

In addition, ergonomics are another hidden cost that comes into play.  

How ViewSonic Helps Achieve Better TCO

Talking with customers, a major concern is finding ways to cut costs and achieve lower TCO. This is why dual-head monitor bundles were created.

Dual head monitor bundles save you money by lowering TCO. Sold as a dual pack, these monitors are designed to provide you with exactly what you’ll need.


Monitor Bundles Save You Money

Dual monitor bundles save you money, based on the type of stand you no longer have to pay for. So, how much would you save from not having to pay for stands? It depends on the number of workstations you’re setting up. Here are a few examples.

TCO Savings From 100 Workstations

How much you would save from not having to buy stands for 100 workstations (note: 2 monitors per workstation):

  • Savings of $1,400 to $4,000.

TCO Savings From 1000 Workstations

Many of our partners install dual monitor bundles in much larger spaces. Here’s how much would you save from not having to buy stands for 1000 workstations:

  • Savings from $14,000 to $40,000.

TCO Savings From 3000 Workstations

Have an even bigger installation? Our largest customers often have installations in the range of 3,000 workstations.

  • Savings of up to $120,000! (Just from not having to pay for monitor stands)
    * Purchase savings are calculated based on the estimated market value of different types of stands offered by ViewSonic. Actual savings may vary based on the type of stand.

TCO + Green Packaging = More Savings

Some of the largest automotive manufacturers on the planet have saved even more money by going green. 100% recyclable packaging is available. This cuts even more costs by not having to pay recycling/disposal fees on a large number of cartons.

ViewSonic dual monitor packs are bundled in sturdy cardboard packaging without packing foam. By being 100% recyclable this also saves time. (No sorting out non-recyclables). See how using green packaging reduces your carbon footprint and saves you money.

Beyond TCO

ViewSonic looks for ways to reduce as many costs as possible. But, dual head monitor bundles do more than just reduce the total cost of ownership. Beyond TCO, dual screens boost productivity.


By increasing the amount of screen real estate available, they’re great for just about any application. Dual screens allow the user to do a lot more at the same time. Essentially, they make multitasking a breeze. Less tabbing. Less swapping. More windows. More productivity.

Whether the end-user is working on a Powerpoint presentation, multiple spreadsheets at the same time, or working in a specialized industry, dual screens enhance desktop productivity. See this link for more on how dual and ultrawide monitors increase screen real estate.

Beyond TCO, dual monitors help end-users by:

  • Doubling screen real estate for less cost than a single, larger display.
  • Boosting productivity and multitasking with faster, easier toggling between screens.
  • Mounting made easy (compatible with standard VESA).
  • Having no stands means easier unpacking, set-up, and deployment.

How Monitor Bundles Save You Time

Shipped in a single package that includes two monitors without monitor stands, dual monitor bundles are easier to transport and unpack. Just open the box and lift out the two screens. What’s more, standard VESA-mounting makes these monitors easier to set up and deploy and saves IT teams valuable time for more productive tasks.

How Monitor Bundles Reduce Waste

Dual monitor packs come in 100% recyclable packaging. Biodegradable, eco-friendly, paper-based packaging takes up less space and minimizes recycling costs. Without bulky polystyrene foam, our packaging reduces pollution and landfill usage for a lower environmental footprint. To lessen chemical usage and waste, the exterior of the packaging uses only mono-color printing.

VG48 Series

A complete redesign from the ground up, the VG48 Series is our next-generation enterprise display. The VG48 Series aims to deliver an end-to-end solution. From easy deployment to legendary user experience. Packed in an environmentally friendly bio-degradable carton, the VG48 is the first VG display to incorporate Quick Release function for a quick and tool-less installation.

With standard VESA-compatible mounting and less packaging, these monitors can be quickly unpacked and deployed to help enhance IT team productivity. From entry-level to high performance, ViewSonic carries an expansive line of dual screen options.

Further, the ViewSonic-exclusive ergonomic stand offers 40-degree tilt to allow for flexible positioning and easy collaboration. The super-narrow bezel makes multi-monitor setup a breeze.

There are many costs of displays throughout the entire lifecycle. Reduce those costs with ViewSonic’s line of enterprise monitors. Two screens are better than one!

Dual Monitor Bundles

ViewSonic dual monitor bundles include:

  • VA2252Sm_H2 22″ Dual Monitor Pack with SuperClear® MVA Panels
  • VA2452Sm_H2 24″ Dual Monitor Pack with SuperClear® MVA Panels
  • VA2456-mhd_H2 24″ Dual Monitor Pack with SuperClear® IPS Panel 
  • VG2249_H2 22″ Dual Monitor Pack with SuperClear® MVA Panels
  • VG2449_H2 24″ Dual Monitor Pack with SuperClear® MVA Panels
  • VG2453_H2 24″ Dual Monitor Pack with SuperClear® IPS Panels
  • VG2753_H2 27″ Dual Monitor Pack with SuperClear® IPS Panels
  • VP2468_H2 24″ Dual Monitor Pack with SuperClear® IPS panels
  • VG2448_H2 24″ Dual Monitor Pack with SuperClear® IPS Panels

Rest Easy:

Backed by our 30-year reputation for quality and reliability, our award-winning monitors are also protected by one of the industry’s best pixel performance policies and carry a limited warranty for three (3) years from the date of first consumer purchase on parts, labor, and LCD backlight. Our VIP program also includes award-winning customer support and Express Exchange® service.