Set Up a Productive Workstation

Optimize the way you work with displays designed for usability, focus, and comfort.

What makes a workstation unproductive?

A modern workforce faces modern challenges.

Frequent Distractions

Interruptions and workplace activity can distract employees.

Constant Task Switching

Working on small screens means having to switch windows with every task.

Poor Employee Well-Being

Lack of ergonomics negatively affects health and productivity.


JE Dunn Constructs Successful Collaboration

See how ViewSonic's workspace solutions improved conditions for a large American construction firm.

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The Benefits of an Optimized Workstation

See the difference the right display makes

A Larger Screen Optimized

Minimize distraction with a large screen that helps keep you focused on the task at hand.

Improved Screen Organization

Between more screen real estate and built-in software, keep your work display tidy and efficient.

Enhanced Ergonomics

Adjust your screen's height, angle, position, and screen settings to your personal comfort.

ViewSonic's All-in-One Productivity Display Solution


A high-quality display makes a huge difference in optimizing your workstation.

  • Top-quality screens with excellent resolution and color accuracy

  • Ergonomic features to prevent repetivity strain injury and

  • A single-cable USB-C connection for all data and power


Optimize your workflow with ViewSonic's purpose-built software.

  • ViewSplit for easy splitscreen productivity

  • vDisplay Manager to improve your viewing experience

  • myViewBoard allows easy remote presentation or teamwork  


A simple setup right out of the box gets your workstation up and running right away.

  • VESA-compatible mount

  • 4-step assembly

  • Green package designed for easy disposal

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