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Transform Your Meetings: 3 Must-Have Technical Features to Improve Inclusivity

As a follow-up to our “Transform Your Meetings” series, we delve deeper into technology that improves meeting inclusivity. In this article, you’ll learn how several technical features of the ViewBoard IFP105S can help every employee feel empowered to make an active contribution.

Today’s organizations are laser-focused on building diversity and inclusivity—but what does that look like for everyday teams? What simple steps can be taken today? Building an inclusive culture often starts with inclusive meetings.

That means creating spaces where diverse contributors can have an equal voice and equal impact. It may also mean investing in technology that enables all of your team members to bring the best ideas to the table—regardless of their personality, role, background, location or work setup.

3 More Ways to Drive Inclusivity with the ViewBoard IFP105S

Running inclusive meetings takes energy, focus and the right tools. Continuing our focus on the ViewSonic® ViewBoard® IFP105S interactive display, here are several more ways this technology can accommodate more ideas from a broader group of people.

  • Make meetings more inclusive by accommodating mobile devices

    With an increasing number of remote workers, meeting participants may join a meeting from their home computer, a tablet, or even their smartphone. Unfortunately, working from a mobile device can often limit a participant’s access to functional content—ultimately curbing their engagement. ViewBoard Cast enables content to be streamed from mobile devices onto the 105” display over wireless or cable networks. This enables any participant to share, manipulate, and annotate content from any device, which contributes to greater inclusivity and drives meeting engagement.

  • Increase file sharing with easy digital whiteboarding

    With the ViewBoard 105S interactive display, myViewBoard digital whiteboarding software comes preloaded, so there’s no need for additional software setups. With it, users don’t have to be in the same room as the display—they can access their work and presentations from anywhere via cloud drive. The software also enables them to share and annotate content, easily convert common office files, and share QR codes to boost teamwork, even while working remotely. Advanced tools are available for multimedia content and cloud access with single sign-on.

  • Keep the power flowing with USB-C power delivery

    You’ve finalized the presentation and it’s time to share, but your device needs a charge. Thanks to USB-C connectivity with 65W power delivery, you can easily connect to the ViewBoard display while leaving your devices fully charged. Just plug in your device, present your content on the large screen, then walk away from the presentation with a completely charged battery.

Technical Features to Drive Inclusivity

Final Thoughts

Your journey to greater inclusivity can start today. Learn more about the ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP105S and other ViewSonic solutions that were designed to improve team collaboration.