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Transform Your Meetings: 3 Ways to Drive Inclusivity with ViewBoard Technology

In our recent article Best Practices for More Inclusive Meetings, explored why it’s important to foster inclusivity in your meetings and how technology plays a role. In this article, you’ll learn how to leverage tools like the ViewBoard IFP105S to achieve greater inclusivity, collaboration and overall productivity.

Most companies know that diversity makes for a stronger workforce, but diversity isn’t the same as inclusivity. Think of inclusivity as the next step to successfully support a diverse workforce. It means creating an inclusive environment that welcomes and includes each employee, regardless of their location, ability, orientation or background.

If you want a more inclusive culture, meetings are a great place to start.

ViewSonic is on a mission to meet the demands of today’s organizations—with inclusive conferencing technologies that streamline communication, support collaboration, and increase inclusivity across diverse teams, regardless of location.

3 Ways to Boost Inclusivity with the ViewBoard IFP105S

With the ViewSonic® ViewBoard® IFP105S interactive display, today’s organizations can transform meetings, encourage inclusivity, and increase efficiency of their diverse and remote teams. Here are several ways a business can succeed with this tool—an infinite canvas optimized for team communication, creativity and collaboration.

  • Accommodate multiple presenters with an ultrawide 105” screen optimized for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Front Row

    Staying connected and productive while working remotely involves more than just a virtual meeting. It demands a visual space where everyone can participate in inclusive meetings. The ViewBoard IFP105S is compatible with Microsoft Teams Rooms and optimized for Front Row to deliver streamlined communication and elevated collaboration. The extra-wide 105” screen is perfect for the unique layout in Front Row where multiple presenters can collaborate at the same time, and every meeting participant can be seen, heard, and involved. So whether you’re giving a client presentation, onboarding a team or doing multi-faceted product training, this feature gives everyone the visual room they need.

  • See important details in greater clarity

    Sometimes, the success of a presentation is hinged on the details. Let’s say your team is presenting complex information with intricate graphics or details—like a CAD/CAM manufacturing drawing, architectural rendering or scientific presentation. With the ViewBoard IFP105S, you no longer need to sacrifice screen real estate for the sake of readability. With a huge 105” touchscreen and 21:9 aspect ratio, everyone can present and experience clearer videos and images—down to the smallest detail. The display’s Ultra 5K HD Resolution delivers stunning image graphics and boosts multitasking, allowing you to open applications side-by-side and present in the greatest detail.

  • Encourage creativity and brainstorming with a dynamic touchscreen

    Whether you’re brainstorming a campaign, hosting an ice-breaker, planning a product roadmap or strategizing implementation, it’s helpful to have a suite of annotation tools to capture ideas in real time—from every contributor. The ViewBoard IFP105S display’s ultra-responsive touchscreen can help anyone express their ideas more freely and creatively, and at the same time. This 40-point-touch, interactive display transforms any room into a hub for inclusive meetings, where multiple users can brainstorm, take notes, manipulate content, or separate work into individual workspaces within the same meeting. Using annotation tools, fingertips, or a stylus (or all at the same time) is more engaging than brainstorming on traditional pen and paper—and your participants’ collaborative efforts result in stronger, more inclusive teams, whether they’re in a neighboring office or across the world.

Drive Inclusivity with ViewBoard Technology

Final Thoughts

Ready to take your meeting inclusivity to new heights? Learn more about the ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP105S and other ViewSonic solutions for better meetings today.