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  • Complete Digital Signage Software Solution for Windows or Android
  • Cloud based platform to manage unlimited number of media players
  • Smart schedule technology, includes variety of conditional play triggers
  • Includes all features of Pro version, plus kiosk and template design support
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Product Overview

Revel Digital CMS, Enterprise Subscription Plan License Key for 36 Months (3 Years) for one device
It's Smart, Smart Schedule TechnologyIt's Smart, Smart Schedule Technology

It's Smart

Patent pending Smart Schedule&trade technology eliminates many of the burdens associated with creating and managing digital signage networks. Our rule-based scheduler takes a natural language approach to not only scheduling content, but also for utilizing various conditional play triggers including audience metrics, beacons, and motion sensors. Smart Scheduling allows network managers to focus on the big picture, rather than individual devices.

It's Flexible, Easily Adaptable Digital SignageIt's Flexible, Easily Adaptable Digital Signage

It's Flexible

The Revel Digital platform is designed to be easily adaptable to almost any digital signage application from simple menu boards to multi-screen interactive kiosks. This flexibility is due, in part, to powerful features such as player scripting and a robust selection of hardware options.

AdHawk Analytics, Collect and Analyze Audience MetricsAdHawk Analytics, Collect and Analyze Audience Metrics

AdHawk Analytics

AdHawk is an analytics engine seamlessly integrated into the RevelDigital platform. AdHawk is compatible with an array of audience measurement devices including camera, Bluetooth beacons, sonic sensors, and more. Collect and analyze various metrics including impressions, age/gender, traffic flow, and even visualize real-time interactions.

Real World Integrations, Customized TriggersReal World Integrations, Customized Triggers

Real World Integrations

We offer a huge range of physical and programmatic triggers to customize content based on real-world conditions.

  • GPS Based Geofencing
  • Bluetooth Beacons
  • Physical Triggers (Motion, Ultrasonic, Infrared)
  • Audience Triggers (Dwell, Gender, Age)
  • API Triggers
  • Mobile Device Controlled Content

Mobile Integration, Interactive Mobile ContentMobile Integration, Interactive Mobile Content

Mobile Integration

Distribute your content to mobile devices and even allow mobile users to interact with your digital signage. Our FYI Beacons and associated apps provide proximity based triggering of content on mobile device or even digital signage in the vicinity. It's also possible to provide your viewers a mobile remote control allowing them to select which content to play.


Reports are available for Proof of Play, Device Activity, Audience Metrics, & more. Proof of Play provides details of exactly when and how often a media file is played. Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, Image, XML, or CSV formats.


Create as many users as you like and assign them to specific roles within your organization. Roles can be modified to restrict access to the various management areas. For example, an "Advertiser" role could have access to uploading media and viewing reports ONLY. Two factor authentication (2FA) is available for all users. All communications are secured via TLS 1.2/SSL.

Emergency Alerts

Configure any player in your network to receive emergency alerts from the EAS (Emergency Alerts System) and the NWS (National Weather Service). When a severe weather warning or other emergency is issued in the vicinity of your player it will automatically switch to an alert mode with information on the emergency and an audible warning tone.

Kiosk Support

Need user interaction? No problem. Any template can become an interactive kiosk with just a few lines of script. Turn any template zone into a touch sensitive "button" which can trigger transitions to other content or perform background tasks such as sending an email or printing a receipt. Scripting allows unlimited customization of template functionality.

Video Wall Support

Our software supports multiple video outputs to create one large video display composed of multiple screens. Android hardware can utilize our Sync technology to create massive video walls either as duplicated content or together as one large display. This means more visual real estate available for menu boards or any other large format scenario.