Up to 8 Authentication Processes in 1 Device

Secured Signature Shape, Pressure and Speed

Finger Touch

Contactless Card (NFC)

Card Reader
(Smart IC)

Front Camera


Document Camera

Magnetic Stripe Scan



Secure and Intuitive Digital Document Authorization

ViewSonic Pen Display is more than just paperless document signing - built-in AES/RSA encryption and Biometric tracking allow only authorized signatures to access sensitive data, ensure documents are legally binding, and provide security for you and your clients.

    Advanced Software Integrated Pen Display to Make Your E-Signature Easy

    Create Documents

    Upload template or new document to be signed. Drag and drop information and signature fields for the signer to complete.

    Designate Signers

    Add a single or multiple signers. For multiple signers, easily specify the order in which the document is routed to recipients to sign.

    Send and Manage

    Track the process every step of the way with the dashboard - review drafts, send reminders and download certified envelopes.

    Your Industry Partner

    Your Big Idea: powered by ViewSonic. Partner with the experts in EMR and Active Capacitive technology for the best in pen display solutions.
    Designed by you, built by ViewSonic.

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