There are issues connecting an external monitor to a computer/projector

If the external monitor/ projector is not automatically detected and displaying an image, you will need to use a function key to enable or activate the function. Laptop manufacturers have different methods to activate an external monitor. Refer to the laptop's user guide/manual or the manufacturer for instructions to activate the video port for...

How to change the projector lamp in a projector?

The methods for changing the projector lamp (bulb) differ depending on the model of the projector. For accurate instructions, you can find lamp swapping instruction at ViewSonic product download page.   <Note> It is recommended that you use an authentic ViewSonic replacement lamp.  

How to download the latest drivers for my projector

Option 1: Download from the ViewSonic Website Go to Enter the Product Name, Product series and model number. Select the driver based on the operating system of your computer. Once the file downloads, double-click to open and start the installation. If you select Save, double-click on the downl...

How to reset lamp timer

After replacing the Projector Lamp, resetting the lamp timer is highly recommended to help keep track of how long the lamp has been on. The Lamp Timer will also let you know when the lamp needs to be replaced. The Lamp timer can be found in the projector Menu. The specific location of the timer can be found in different locations depending ...

What to do if there is a shadow or double image on the projector screen?

Analog extension cables, adapters, docking stations and longer cables may be prone to generate ghosting, lines, double images, or poor focus. The improper shielding of the extension cables will cause a shadowing or ghosting effect due to mismatch of the input impedance between the video source, the video cable, and the projector. Please use th...

What to do if I can't mirror my screen after I updated the iOS version to iOS14?

Due to iOS14 compatibility issues, please follow below table for solution.   Model Solution X100-4K Install EAirPlay.apk and follow instruction X10-4K Update FW to V1.13 via OTA M2 Update FW to V1.0 via OTA M1+_G2/M1+_V Update FW to V1.04 via OTA M1 mini plus Update FW to V1.02 via OTA SOP URL:

Where can I find ViewSonic projector distance calculator?

Please go to Projector Distance Calculator. Enter the desired distance from the screen to calculate the image dimensions. Try different distance values until you find the desired image size.

How to make the screen fit my projector's display area?

Please refer to this FAQ:   How to solve the overscan problem with my monitor?

Want to know about supported picture, video and audio formats

Each product has its own list of compatible video, audio and image formats. The best way to know what file type is specifically supported by your product is to look in the user guide for your particular model.

How to solve “Out of range” when connecting PC/laptop to a projector?

Please refer to this FAQ.

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