How to start a quiz

Easily quiz your students during class to check if they're following along. Based on their comprehension level, swiftly adjust your lesson to match the class's needs.

All the results are stored for potential future uses in the backend.

1. Click on the house icon in the sidebar located in the top right corner 

If you are not able to see the sidebar, please press "Tab" on your keyboard.

Note: the quiz function is only available in the Classroom and Collaborative spaces, and only the teacher can set up a quiz.

2. Click the "Quiz" icon on the right

3. Set up your quiz type and questions

3-1. There are three types of quizzes

  • True/False

  • Single selection

  • Multi-selection

3-2. You can also set the timer for the quiz.

3-3. At the right side of the corner, you can tell who answered correctly.

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