Mini-LED Technology for ViewSonic Gaming Monitors

Mini-LED Technology for ViewSonic Gaming Monitors

Mini-LED Technology for ViewSonic Gaming Monitors

During CES 2022, ViewSonic launched a series of ELITE Monitors, including the XG272G-2K, XG321UG, and XG341C-2K. The monitors all use Mini-LED technology which offers optimized contrasts and greater details, even in dimly lit environments.

Mini-LEDs are a fairly new addition to the display technology market. It was only as far back as late 2019 that Mini-LEDs first popped up in the commercial TV market. Since then, the backlight tech has steadily been incorporated into more and more displays.

Mini-LEDs are smaller in size (less than 0.2 mm in diameter) than the traditional LED (around 1 mm) and have been part of our everyday lives for some time now. They both provide lighting for LCD panels, but the possibilities and end results can differ greatly. Mini-LEDs may seem tiny when compared to the traditional LED, but there is an even smaller member of the family, the Micro-LED (less than 0.05 mm), as well.

Their size is an integral component of their many benefits. Due to their smaller size, far more Mini-LEDs can be packed together and included in a display than the traditional, and larger, LED which means there can be greater control of the display’s lighting. It can be compared to the traditional light switch with a large incandescent bulb with only two options - on and off, and a dimmer switch with a smaller LED bulb which offers superior brightness, multiple choices, and fine-tuned control.

Since the Mini-LEDs can be packed together more densely and controlled with more precision, the end user will be able to enjoy deeper blacks and whites, more vivid colors, crisper lines, and higher contrasts. Additionally, it will help improve HDR performance due to better local dimming zones (better isolation and control between zones that need light and don’t) and can reduce or even remove any backlight bleed (light leaking around the edges or corners of the display). This will give a noticeable improvement in visual quality and enjoyment over the traditional LED-lit display, but also not break the bank as an OLED panel might.

ViewSonic ELITE Gaming Monitors with Mini-LED Technology

  • XG272G-2K
  • XG321UG
  • XG341C-2K

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