Having Fun with 4K Ultra HD Home Projectors for Entertainment

In the world of technology, bigger is better. We’ve been seeing a steady increase in the size of TVs, monitors, and even mobile phones. A big screen display means that you’re serious about your home entertainment. You would rather relax in your living room in front of big screen than go out to the cinema. However, no matter how big the TV is, you still can’t rival the best projectors for the real big screen experience.

Size Matters

On a small screen, you may not see all the detail in a 1080p full HD image and not to say 4K Ultra HD resolution. A 4K Ultra HD resolution has 4 times higher resolution than a 1080p full HD. In other words, the number of pixels is also a lot higher. That is why you can enjoy clear, vivid images especially on the big screen. ViewSonic 4K Ultra HD home projectors can project up to 300 inches, so you can see individual strands of hair, every blade of sand and grain of grass which the detailed benefit of 4K Ultra HD comes into play on the big screen.

Transform your living room into a movie theater

People who love to go to physical theaters enjoy visual storytelling on a big screen with the sound and color in a way that they don’t feel from television. However, you can get the big-screen experience at home with ViewSonic PX727-4K home projector now. Not only up to 300 inches big screen and 4K Ultra HD resolution, color production on this projector is powered by an RGBRGB color wheel and achieves 96% coverage of the Rec.709 color space; the standard color space for cinematic content. So just can grab some snacks and get settled in for a movie night at home!

Transform your living room into a sports bar

Don’t be disheartened if you can’t get the ticket to the stadium for sports games. Now with ViewSonic 4K Ultra HD home projectors at home, you can catch all the action on a 150 inch 4K Ultra HD screen, bringing the energetic game day atmosphere into your home with you and your friends. Unlike the real thing, you can replays of all the exciting points and goals, easily pause the game to grab more food or to take a bathroom break and not miss out any of the action. ViewSonic 4K Ultra HD home projector is your ticket to larger than life football, basketball and baseball games.

Transform your living room into a game center

Video games are fun and exciting; playing them on a big project screen can make all of the difference. You can really feel like you’re part of the game and see every little detail. When you play games with other friends, big screen is perfect for each player had a portion of screen that was larger than TV. In addition, ViewSonic 4K Ultra HD home projectors support HDCP 2.2, which allows you to enjoy true 4K Ultra HD gaming content from newer game devices which must be HDCP 2.2 compliant to pass 4K signal to 4K Ultra HD projectors.

ViewSonic 4K Ultra HD Home Projectors

Resolution4K Ultra HD 3840x2160 with XPR technology4K Ultra HD 3840x2160 with XPR technology
Brightness2200 ANSI Lumens3500 ANSI Lumens
Throw Ratio1.47-1.761.47-1.76
HDMIHDMI 2.0 x1(HDCP 2.2)
HDMI 1.4 x1(HDCP1.4)
HDMI 2.0 x1(HDCP 2.2)
HDMI 1.4 x1(HDCP1.4)
USB Type A (Power)1 (5V/1.5A)1 (5V/1.5A)
  • RGBRGB color wheel
  • 96% coverage of Rec.709
  • HDR compatible
  • HDR compatible