6 Reasons to Go for 4K Ultra HD Projector

The time is finally right to buy a 4K UHD projector – the next step up after HD. Just over a decade ago we made the jump from standard definition (480p resolution or lower) to high-definition (720p resolution or higher, now seen as standard at 1080p), and many people bought new displays in the process.

4K, which is recognized as 3840x2160 pixel resolution, boasts 4 times the clarity of Full HD 1080p. Until last year, 4K UHD projectors were expensive and very little 4K content was actually available. A lot has changed since then. As of 2018, we can freely recommend purchasing a 4K UHD projector as your new big screen. With new technology, 4K UHD projectors are now affordable and 4K content is now available. If you’re looking a new home video projector, now it the time to consider 4K.

1. The prices are finally accessible

ViewSonic launches new 4K UHD projectors at price around $1,099 on February have shown that affordable 4K UHD projectors are possible. Some brands still run you several thousand dollars, but you can now get a well-equipped video projector with a great bargain, allowing you to enjoy a big screen 4K UHD experience in your living room or dedicated home theater.

2. Streaming services are all there already

Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Video are carrying more 4K content now. They’ve been steadily adding 4K movies and shows to their streaming video services over the last few years, and their increasing range of original content has been primarily produced and distributed in 4K.

3. FIFA confirms entire 2018 World Cup will be available in 4K UHD

It has often been repeated that major sports events are catalysts for new video technology. It can be debated whether that is still true but nevertheless FIFA has announced plans to shoot and produce all matches in up to 4K HDR video quality in Russia this year. Although the vast majority of cable TV content is still not offered in 4K, we can look forward 4K UHD for sports in the coming years. Or there are ways to watch sports in 4K, through apps!

4. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both have 4K capability

4K has long been familiar for movies and shows and is now appearing as the default on most new gaming hardware. With the launch of the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, both Microsoft and Sony now have consoles that power 4K gaming, offering the potential to game in 4K.

5. The newest version of every set-top box comes with support for 4K

From the newest Apple TV set-top box to Amazon’s Fire TV stick, or Roku’s various devices, there are 4K options from every set-top box maker at this point, and plenty of content to boot. You can download films and TV, and then watch them in 4K big screen on your new 4K UHD projector.

6. 4K is the new standard for the foreseeable future

Even if you're not planning on watching 4K content, 4K display is a measure of future-proofing — the next standard in display visuals will be 4K. That's not a maybe kinda thing; it's a certainty. Just like when standard definition signals transitioned to HD, so too will HD signals transition to 4K. That's because more and more content is being filmed in 4K (or even higher) resolutions. The larger the display you have, the more important the resolution is — low-resolution visuals look blurry, stretched, and generally unpleasant on large screens