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Wireless Presentation Displays at Home for Work and Play

Wireless presentation displays at home are a great way to upgrade your living space. Advanced technologies like this have led way for better smart home functions and more productive work. And more productive work means more time to play! We no longer need to leave home to do work or have fun. It can all be done from the comfort and safety of our living spaces.

Wireless presentation displays are one of the many options available for upgrading your home. They offer a wide variety of functionality, but this short article aims only to show you fun, unusual ways to use a business-oriented display at home.  

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Wireless presentation displays, or WPDs for short, are an affordable and awesome way to upgrade your home. With an all-in-one presentation display that provides wireless connectivity, screen sharing, and integrated media, you’re on the way to creating the perfect home life. WPDs are great for both work and play, offering a multitude of options for all media types.

Why Your Home Needs A Wireless Presentation Display (WPD)

Wireless presentation displays may seem like big fancy technology that only schools and big businesses can afford and use but they are accessible for the common folk as well.

But most importantly, they are affordable! They are not as cheap as certain models of smart TVs, but the switching cost is not too large depending on your budget. Smart TVs can run anywhere from a few hundred bucks to a thousand dollars.

Wireless presentation displays are pricier, running usually in the $1,000s and up. However, with the higher price comes higher functionality and quality. They provide more connectivity between people and devices as well as higher resolution for better screen viewing. All this is necessary for the perfect home upgrade.

Wireless Presentation Displays for Working at Home

Having a WPD at home can increase your workflow and productivity. Nowadays, more companies than ever are offering remote work options. This can be out of necessity, lack of office space, or just because! Either way, what is important is that working from home is easy and reliable.

Remote Work

What is great about WPDs is that your employer can easily share information with you while you work remotely. Whether it be details for a new project or a schedule change, you can easily store and update your device to fit your needs and easily share your work with your boss as well.

Having this option is a great time saver as it allows for a large and powerful network device, all from the comfort of your home. With that in mind, you can be ensured that your work is safely stored on cloud devices and on the device itself.

Wireless presentation displays at home, benefits of remote work

Remote Collaboration

WPDs are also great for collaboration. You do not always have to depend on your boss to get things done, in fact, we are moving quickly towards a more collaborative and creative workspace. This is due to shifts in work and educational ideologies that favor innovation and entrepreneurship.

Having the ability to collaborate with your teammates from anywhere in the world is already awesome enough but imagine doing it from the comfort of your home.

Wireless Presentation Displays for Entertainment

Having a wireless presentation display at home may seem like overkill, but really it is not that different from a smart TV. In fact, it may be better! While currently WPDs do not support cable television, studies show that from 2010 to 2019 there was a nearly 10% drop in people who purchased cable TV.

Many people have replaced traditional television with Netflix and YouTube, as well as online subscriptions to the TV channel itself. The benefits of having a WPD outweigh the benefits a smart TV once provided us.

At Home Theater

Perhaps the most obvious need for a wireless presentation display is for at-home theaters. These are becoming increasingly more popular with the rise of media subscriptions. Not to mention some people may not have access to good quality movie theaters or just simply not have the time to go. It is a quick and easy way to catch a movie for a fraction of the price!

Broad Connectivity

WPDs also do not have a limit on what kind of apps you can install. Whatever you can download on a laptop or smartphone, you can display. On top of movies, it can be great for spicing up themed parties or for background decoration.

You can also use it for child safety controls. With remote access, you can easily switch off any content that is unsuitable or simply connect devices that have been filtered to show age-appropriate content.

Wireless presentation displays at home, cons of smart tv

Educational Play for Kids

Unfortunately, wireless presentation displays do not have touch-enabled features, but that does not mean your child won’t love it. It is easy to set up sing-along videos or games for your child to interact with. There are many ways you can use the display as play for your child.

It is also helpful to share any content from supplement classes or extracurricular activities your child may be engaged with. Having playtime is proven to help children’s development so it is important to have options for them.

Wireless presentation displays at home, educational screen time

Wireless Presentation Displays for Smart Home Functions

Smart homes refer to a home setup where technology and devices are used and controlled remotely to create a unified network device. Smart homes often provide homeowners with convenience and cost savings. As well as giving an easy and quick way to control things like temperature, lighting, security, and even health all on a single device.

WPDs are the next step (or the first step!) in creating the perfect smart home setup.

Multimedia Display

Wireless presentation displays are integrated multimedia displays. There aren’t multiple cables involved, and it provides a seamless option for switching sources. Because of this connectivity, it is something everyone in the home can connect to and use with ease.

A wireless presentation system (WPS) is the software for integrating multiple other devices into a wireless system. These are your wireless routers, cameras, and other necessary peripherals. That means virtually anything with internet. Whether you want to show movies, play music, or simply video chat with family during Christmas, you can do it. If the device has internet functionality, it can work with a WPD.

Final Considerations

If you are looking to upgrade your home, the easiest and best step is to invest in a wireless presentation display. With the rising trends of smart homes, the low functionality and reliability of smart TVs and lower-priced displays just will not cut it anymore.

Making sure your devices and home are united will not only help you save time and money but allow you to use those resources for more quality leisure time.

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