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Buying a Smart Projector for Your Home Theater

If you’re considering a smart projector for your home theater, you’re not alone. They feature a number of functions even the best smart TV can’t replicate like portability and versatility. They also contribute to the viewing experience with easy setup and immersive audio and visuals. We’ve even included a handy little buying guide for you.

Read everything you need to know about adding a smart projector for your home theater. 

Smart projectors for your home theater are here!

Do you find simple questions to be preferable? Yes or no? Good or bad? Black or white? it’s incredibly easy to break things down when confined to two possible categories. The same goes for technology, where products these days are categorized as ‘smart’ or ‘dumb’. 

Smartphones and smart TVs may be the first products to come to mind, but they certainly will not be the last. 

Recently, home theaters have undergone a ‘smart revolution’ of sorts, where the debate between TVs and projectors has escalated.

Enter smart projectors and lamp-free smart theaters. They’re on the cutting edge of consumer-level technology and have brought new meaning to the home theater landscape.

With that said, since most people prefer to be educated on a product prior to purchase, we are here to help. By learning about the benefits, both functional and emotional, associated with smart projectors, as well as about their relevant shopping tips, we hope that everyone will be able to make the most informed purchase possible. 

What Are the Functional Benefits of Smart Projectors?

Functionally, smart projectors greatly outmatch their technical competition, from other projector variants to televisions. That said, it requires more than a simple comparative victory to win the hearts and minds of consumers. Therefore, when it comes down to it, smart projectors’ actual specifications and features must be addressed. Herein, you’ll discover that that entails specifics regarding their lamp-free design, their so-called ‘smart’ features, and their contributions to the viewing experience. 

1. Lamp-free Design

When most think of projectors, the first thing to come to mind is often the overhead projectors used in their childhood classrooms. In that time, those projectors functioned by way of a massive lamp and mirrors. At the time, the cost of ownership of extravagant, thanks to necessary lamp replacement and other maintenance hassles. Today’s smart projectors are a far cry from the iterations of old. First and foremost, the total cost of ownership is much lower, and they can be found in a variety of settings, including lamp-free smart theaters. 

Therein, the important point to note is that modern smart projectors have done away with the old means of projection and are now lamp-free. This is achieved via what is known as solid-state illumination, which includes LED and Laser light sources to yield projected images. As a result of this lamp-free setup, smart projectors are granted longer lifespans and greater color reproduction abilities, to say nothing of the environmental impact that comes with being mercury-free. 

2. Smart Features

Although one technically makes a product ‘smart’ simply by naming it so, that’s not usually the case. Instead, smart products usually go hand-in-hand with smart features. These often include Bluetooth and streaming capabilities. Smart projectors are, by design, no exception. 

Smart projectors, and by extension lamp-free smart theaters, have it all. Entertainment application hubs. Their smart features often include Bluetooth speaker connectivity, streaming services, and enabled voice control thanks to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. As a result of these smart features, your home theater will never be the same.

3. Top-notch Viewing Experience

No matter how a smart projector is designed or how many neat features it has, it is all for naught if the viewing experience comes up short. Fortunately, that is not an issue in the case of smart projectors in home theaters. Given the nature of projectors, first of all, they can project on any surface, both large and small. Moreover, with smart projectors on the rise, they are increasingly integrated with visual features that were previously limited to televisions and science fiction. 

From 4K UHD to 3D and HDR, the big screen viewing experience when using a smart projector is unmatched.  Furthermore, between the frame interpolation and the wide color gamut 125% Rec.709, not only will the visuals be more seamless than ever, their colors will be unforgettable. That said, unless you have a television that is over 75 inches, 4K UHD is not entirely practical, since its number of pixels will not be positively distinguishable. 

smart projector

What Are the Emotional Benefits of Smart Projectors?

When purchasing a brand-new product, technical specifications will only get certain consumers so far. For many, the deciding factor will be the feelings and emotions that come from ownership. As a result, many look at the emotional benefits that come with a product. When it comes to smart projectors, those aiming to set up lamp-free smart theaters will look at how they compare to other televisions and projectors, with a focus placed on how they stack up in terms of their audiovisual, spacial, and usage factors.  

1. Immersive Audiovisual Experience 

No matter how great television is, its audiovisual experience will always be constrained by the factors inherent to its existence. At the end of the day, television will always be a physical object that cannot change its size, nor can it be freely moved.

Smart projectors, on the other hand, suffer none of these limitations. Given their portable nature, the resultant audiovisual experience can be much more immersive. This is most evident in a smart projector’s ability to be used in a variety of contexts, from outdoor gatherings to lamp-free smart theaters, lecture halls, and beyond. 

Moreover, given that projectors, obviously, project, the size of their output is dependent on where they are placed in the viewing area. The farther away they are to the projection site, for instance, the larger the resulting projection will be. With that customizability in mind, no audiovisual experience is more immersive than one that can be tailored to one’s surroundings. 

2. Free Your Space 

As much as we, as a consuming populace, feel the need to own ‘stuff’, there’s definitely something to be said regarding a minimalist mindset. This can be especially true in one’s home, where some may find clutter to be anxiety-inducing. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the living room.

Couches, armchairs, a big-screen television, a coffee table, a side table or table, a wall unit, and a bookshelf. These items essentially comprise a living room in the western world. With all that stuff though, where is there room for minimalism? In baby steps, the answer is to free your space, wherever possible. 

The large television only serves to take up space, especially when turned off. Luckily, an easy alternative lies in smart projectors, which are quite small. Whether it projects onto a bare wall or a retractable screen, the fact remains that the spatial footprint of such a set up is greatly superior to that of the TV. 

3. Easy Setup and Use 

There’s very little that’s more satisfying than being able to take a product home and, within minutes, enjoying its full range of functionality. While smart projectors will provide you with that satisfaction, older projector models will not. In their case, set-up times could be lengthy and cumbersome, to say nothing of the time it took to simply turn them on. 

Smart projectors, on the other hand, display their modern sensibilities at every step. From a cordless design to instant on/off and a short throw distance, set-up and usage have never been easier. Combine that with features that include automatic keystoning and focus, and you’ll never find yourself missing the older models.  

Smart Theater Shopping Tips

Once you’ve decided that a smart projector is the best product for your home theater, it will then be time to go shopping! Unfortunately for you, the consumer, the process is not as simple as picking the first one you see and hoping for the best. Instead, consider the following questions. Once you do, you’ll be ready to buy a smart projector for your home theater. We wish you luck!

  • Does it boast a short throw distance?
  • Is the set-up process a simple one?
  • Are the speakers of good enough quality?
  • Is it easily portable?
  • Is it capable of maintaining high-speed internet connections?
  • Can it connect to an App Store?
  • Is it compatible with other devices?
  • Does it have safety features to protects your eyes